[AI] Thanks to Mr. Pradip Punekar

neelima kumari neelima.aicb at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 05:51:54 EDT 2010


Hi everyone,

Mr. Punekar had provided  such an interesting information. I must say
thanks to him because in this age where DJ. design music is only we
get to listen  he had provided a lot of information about one
classical singer who was from Karnataka.

Yes, Karnataka is only the city who  respects a lot of artists. They
not only respect the classical singer but also the singer who are
leading in this age very well.  they respect not only from their
states artists but also the other states: like Sonu Nigam. Who is a
well-known singer.

Now, my question is whatever we are doing for these artists after
their absence. Why is it?  Can't we do something for them in their
presence?  at least they will get satisfaction.

Mr. Punekar what can we do for it. Can you suggest something for it.
I have one such a great Idia.

have a nice day.
Take care

Looking for your reply.

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