[AI] Pandit Puttaraj Gavai the leading light of music passed away

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Pandit Puttaraj Gavai the leading light of music passed away

Written by Sumi Hazarika


The leading light of Music, Pandit Puttaraj Gavai, passed away today
at his ashram “Veereshwara Punyashram” in Gadag, in north Karnataka.
Born in 1914 he
was 97at the time of his death. He was admitted to KLE Society
hospital 2 weeks ago as he was suffering from respiratory problem and
had kidney failure.
His condition deteriorated as he failed to respond to treatment at a
hospital in Belgaum.

As per his last wishes the musician, Puttaraj Gavai was shifted in a
well-equipped ambulance accompanied by a team of doctors to his ashram
last Monday
in Gadag. Shivalinga Shastri Siddapura, a preacher at the ashram,
spoke to a News channel that Gavai's condition remained better than on
Monday when he
was shifted from the hospital.

Pandit Gavai, who lost his eyesight at a very early age, continued the
legacy of Pandit Panchakshara Gavai, and trained thousands of blind
students in
music at his Ashram. Pandit Gavai was honoured with 'Padmabhushan' in
2010, the 3rd most prestigious Civilian Award. He was also awarded the
'Kanaka Purandara'
and 'Kalidas Sanman' award. Pandit Puttaraj Gavai was also selected
for N Vajrakumar Abhinandana Puraskar Samiti Award 2009. He has
written more than 80
books in Kannada, Sanskrit and Hindi. He re-wrote the Bhagavad Gita in
Braille script.

The music maestro, Puttaraj Gavai was the successor of the ashram
“Veereshwara Punyashram”,after his guru. More than 1000 childrens who
are physically
handicapped reside in the ashram. They are taught music and given
education by Pandit Gavai and other preachers in the ashram.
Meanwhile, people from different
parts of the region multitude to Veereshwara Punyashrama in Gadag
following the news of Pt. Gavai's death.

‘It is a general belief that a singer cannot be a poet and a poet
cannot be a preacher,ie, many think that a single person cannot master
more than one
art. But Dr.Puttaraj Gawai is a glowing example that contradicts this theory.

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