[AI] Help request

Thanislas vtvinthan at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 22:54:36 EDT 2010

Hello list members,


            Greetings to all! Hoping that all are going well in this group.

            This is my long time re-entry in this zone. The reason for this is that I am really need of your helping hands to one of my serious problems that I was started suffering from hearing loss alongwith my visual disability. So, now i m in total dilemma what to do in search of my career, that is, my question and doubt is whether the government or private sector will accept the dual impairement like this for recruiting in their companies?.


I need your sincere advice, suggestions, ideas and solutions for my queries. Also, Will anyone know is there any Deaf-Blind association or organisation available in tamilnadu or anywhere in india?


Awaiting for a positive and good reply from you.


Thanks & Regards



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