[AI] how to instal xp service pack 3 on your computer

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I think winXP sp3 is available on Microsoft site , just download @ install
Hope this helps

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1. Insert the Windows Xp service pack 3 CD into the dvd-ROM drive.

Note: Make sure the computer can boot from a CD. If it can't, then follow
the procedures in the section titled"

Configure a computer to boot from CD"

or see the "How do I install Windows from the command prompt?" section under

Perform other Setup-related tasks."


2. Restart the computer.


3. When the message to Press any key to boot from CD. is displayed, quickly
press any key (for example, the SPACEBAR). Setup begins.

. note, pay close attention here because it is very easy to miss this
message. If you missed this step, you have to perform all the steps again


4. wait for few minutes  


5. it shows  the drive list.


6. Select the formatting drive 

By pressing arrow keeys

And hit enter


7. on the next windo, it shows  5 option 

 We recommend that you use 

"NTFS formatting."

 It's a more secure file system.

It is on third option.

Hit enter on it. 

Then press f key 2 format the drive.


8. Setup will format the drive, copy initial Setup files, and restart the

Note: After the computer restarts, you will again receive the message Press
any key to boot from CD but you should ignore it so that you do not

the current installation process.


9. then it  starts install xp on your computer.

It shows  On total time 2 instal xp 39 minutes.

Then it reduce total minutes.

10. on 32 minutes its open Regional and Language Options page,

 follow select the instructions to add language . press next and continue


11. On the Personalize Your page, type your name and the name of your
company or organization (if applicable).


12. On the Date and Time Settings page, make any changes that are necessary.


13. Next, while Setup copies files to your computer and completes a few
other tasks, you'll see a series of screens that tell you about new features

Windows XP. 

Finally, your computer will be restart. Again, ignore the message to press
any key. 


15. then it shows display settings 

Simply press ok like that 2 time it ask u  press ok another time also


16. it shows welcome to windos xp,

Then it shows 3 options, select we recommended option not rite now.


17. then again it it ask user name. you give your name again,

Then give next.

 Wait for few minutes 

Press finish 

After Setup completes, eject the CD from the dvd-ROM drive.

Now, you have loaded Window XP Professional/service pack3Home addition in
your computer successfully.


18. After the completion of this process, load the Intel Express Installers
CD in your CD 

Rom and click on Setup. Now, the Drivers are being loaded. In this process,
your computer will be restarted AUTOMATICALLY ON SEVERAL OCATION. AFTER THE
monitor screen will be display normal and your computer is ready to load
necessary software's.


19. After the installation of Jaws, install the virus protection software
before the installation of other software's.




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