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avinash shahi shahi88avinash at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 07:14:43 EDT 2010

hi friends,
my exams are  one week away.
and all the books and articles I have are in KES format.
but the problem is, kerswell is not functioning well.
acctually, three days ago I formatted my PC then I installed jaws 10
its working fine. but kerswell which is my life line.has deceived me.
as I installed, kerswell 8 and 9 cronologically, installation was done
but when I am starting kerswell from desktop friends, no voice is
coming. but kerswell is getting started properly. I mean, apart from
voice; kerswell is functioning wel.
 all menues are moving, open dialogue box is also getting opened.
and jaws is showing no problem and sound card is OK
now friends, assist me, help me. what should I do.
my mid-semester is knocking.

thanks in anticipation.

information exists to dissiminate

avinash shahi
persuing masters in political science
JNU delhi
email: shahi88avinash at gmail.com
phone: 98,71,18,49,04.

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