[AI] check availability of new paper reading software

solomon s teachsolo at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 00:30:24 EDT 2010

It is good to hear that products are being developped for the benifit of the blind community. But what iam interested to know from the developpers is why on earth the otherwise benificial products  failed to find their place in the market? I remember  reading an exciting news item namely the reading machine christened eNETRA invented by a student in agra. I was  unable to get further info from the particular tamil daily that featured the news, nor  from any NGO'S working for the blind.  Had not a student  from MIT invented the world's first reading machine for the blind, we would not have  heard of OCR technology.  I love to see research students developping more and more products for their   blind brothers and sisters. What happened to the money identifier developped by students with IIT  mumbai? Or for the modern cane by students in IIT, delhi for that matter.  Do the researchers lack funding or worrried about marketing?  Can't some NGO'S working for the blind  help bring those  products out of the labs? Let us encourage the young researchers  and  tell them of this wonderfull forum called accessindia. What do my fellow accessindians think? Let me hear from you all. We are talking  about screen readers costing as much as the PC'S  AND MOBILE SCREEN READERS PROVE NO INFFERIOR IN TERMS OF COST. Do you not feel that an indegenously developped product  make things affordable?  With warm regards solomon. Teachsolo at gmail.Com

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