[AI] suggestions needed regarding reserved vacancies for visually impaired persons

Deepak Singla deepakkumarsingla at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 03:10:43 EDT 2010

hello all

with this mail i want to know views of all of you as the matter is
concerned with us..

actually i got an information from India's one of the most reputed
organisations ONGC that there are a total of 147 disabled employees in
the organisation and out of which only 9 are visually impaired .. at
the same time the company claims to have met with the provisions of
the PWD act for appointing 1 percent visually impaired persons in all
recruitments. furthermore in the recent advertisement for various
posts the company doesn't have any reservation for visually impaired

the situation is same in almost all the organisations of similar
status .. and visually impaired persons are denied appointments at
various levels.

i request you to kindly give suggestions and views on this matter that
what can we do in this regard.

looking forward for your kind views.

deepak singla

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