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why do you make my life more complicated. I am sick of your brains it makes 
me think too much......

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> Hi Prateek and all,
> 1. I would agree with your suggestions. One point though and apologies if
> this has already been covered. Braille or tactile diagrams do need to be
> used for rendering certain parts of question papers. Also, a blind 
> candidate
> could draw tactile diagrams as answers to questions. Think of geometrical
> proofs that one has to show in class 9 CBSE exams.
> 2. The choice to use a computer, typewriter or whatever should be with the
> candidate.
> 3. What is the scope of these regulations? For instance, are these also
> applicable to exams such as the GRE or professional exams such as the MCP
> (Microsoft Certified Professional)?
> 4. If we are talking about the candidate taking the exam on a computer, 
> how
> will the security of the answer paper be ensured? I am thinking of a
> situation where a candidate gets an unexpected result in an exam and then
> the matter goes to court. When the answer paper is displayed, the 
> candidate
> can claim that the file has been tampered with. Of course, this would be
> possible to do in  the current paper based system too. I am not so much
> interested in the technical controls since there are plenty of options but
> what about the process of applying these controls?
> 5. If a candidate is accused of cheeting, where is the burden of proof? Is
> it on the candidate or on the accuser? How will this play out when using
> assistive devices?
> Pranav
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