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Mon Sep 13 02:51:42 EDT 2010

the last date for the application submission has been extended due to
high demand.

The boom in information technology has provided large number of
opportunities to everyone in seeking job, seeking information, and
exploring the world
in ways which they have never done so far.
While the flap of opportunities has opened for everyone, those who are
blind or visually impaired are also not destitute from it.
With an idea of empowering blind persons through the power of
information and technology, rajasthan netraheen kalian sangh, jaipur
invites applications
for tranees in it’s forth batch of computer+spoken English+personality
development training.

About the centre:
Started on 16th of September 2008, the AOF-RNKS computer centre and
learning resource centre is a joint alliance of Rajasthan Netraheen
Kalyan Sangh and Amway Opportunity Foundation.
With the escalating demand of computer in every stratum of life, it’s
must for a person to learn computer in today’s time to hunt for a
groveling job, to keep inform, and to live a better life.
With an idea, that those who can not see must also not be destitute
from it, a highly advanced computer centre and learning resource
centre has been established on 16th of September 2008 in the premises
of RNKS.
To enable visually impaired youngsters to keep pace with rapid changes
in technologies and job-market requirements, we have taken utmost care
that they can get opportunity to learn all the required skills which
may lead them to live a well treasured and dignified way of life.

The said learning resource centre does not only teach computer, but a
complete training in spoken English and personality development is
also provided.
We teach 32 students every year divided in two batches of six months
each. This consists 16 school students and 16 adults who may be from
anywhere in India.

We have all the different Amenities which indemnifies the superior
quality of our course. These amenities consist of latest English and
Hindi screen reader softwares, softwares for OCR technology, digital
accessible information system, high tech computers and accessories
the study matterial for the course are provided in different mediums,
I.E. braille, large print, eText, and audio.

Further, we have a teem of well qualified trainers who are experts in
their fields which insure the future of blind and visually impaired
people in very safe hands.
Apart from just providing training, we also take responsibility to
place our students in well known government or private sectors. In
fact, a number of our trainees have already been placed in banks,
personal businesses, corporate sectors, multi national companies etc.

About the course:
Completely job oriented, this course provides education in computer
basics including hindi/English typing, computer fundamentals,
Microsoft word, Microsoft
excel, Microsoft access with a thorough knowledge of RDBMS, Microsoft
powerpoint, internet surfing, e-mail, messangers, basics of web
development including web designing using static page creation method,
HTML,  advance configurations, screenreaders, OCRs etc. plus,
professional level training in
spoken English and personality development is also provided.
Its  a   certificket level course, which is recognized by rajasthan
knowledge corporation limited (RKCL).

Many of it’s passed out students have already got job successfully and
living their lives with good salaries and dignity.
The course runs in completely professional way using various methods
of tutoring like practical sessions, live projects, group discussions,
quizzes, assignments,
presentations etc.
We focus to prepare students to compete effectively in current corporate era.

If you know someone who can be benefited by doing this course in
jaipur at our organization, please let the person know, don’t miss the
Course duration: 6 months.
Fee: no fee, completely free-of-charge.
Food and lodging: free!
Minimum qualification required: 10th standard from any recognized
boardor equals to that.
Last date of applying: September 18  2010.
Phone: +91- 9928341197.
e-mail ID:
prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com
postal address: computer department, rajasthan netraheen kalian sangh,
3780, langar ke balaji ka rasta, gangauri bazaar, jaipur.

Interested candidates can apply using any of the above mentioned
contact details. The selection will be held on the basis of interview.

prateek agarwal.
head, computer department, RNKS, jaipur.

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