[AI] Diabetes treatment to help patients shed weight

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Very useful for a juvenile diabetic like me. Thanks buddy.

At 07:27 PM 12-09-10, you wrote:
>Although the article pasted below does not relate itself to any 
>blindness or technology, the fact that diabetes is one of several 
>causes for blindness might be useful to disseminate the information.
>Diabetes treatment to help patients shed weight
>Published: Sunday, Sep 12, 2010, 17:32 IST
>Place: London | Agency: IANS
>An injection that controls diabetes and fights obesity could be 
>available in Britain by Christmas.
>The injection, called Victoza, has been given the go ahead by drugs 
>watchdog the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.
>The jab, which also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, could 
>free many type-2 diabetics from having to take insulin, reports the 
>Daily Mail.
>While insulin causes weight gain, Victoza, also known as 
>liraglutide, sheds pounds - bringing extra health benefits.
>Rather than injecting insulin straight into the body, Victoza helps 
>patients stabilise their blood sugar levels by stimulating the 
>pancreas into releasing insulin.
>Draft guidance, which is likely to be rubber-stamped next month, 
>recommends the jab when other key diabetes drugs fail.
>It is also deemed suitable for extremely overweight diabetics and 
>those who have driving and other jobs that prevent them from taking insulin.
>In all cases, it should be taken in combination with other diabetes 
>drugs and treatment should be continued only if the patient is benefiting.
>David Haslam, a general practitioner who already has experience of 
>prescribing the jab, said: "If someone is having other problems 
>because they are obese and they can't afford to go on insulin 
>because of their work, then it is absolutely appropriate they get this drug."
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