[AI] Diabetes treatment to help patients shed weight

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Although the article pasted below does not relate itself to any blindness or technology, the fact that diabetes is one of several causes for blindness might be useful to disseminate the information.


Diabetes treatment to help patients shed weight
Published: Sunday, Sep 12, 2010, 17:32 IST 
Place: London | Agency: IANS 
An injection that controls diabetes and fights obesity could be available in Britain by Christmas. 

The injection, called Victoza, has been given the go ahead by drugs watchdog the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. 

The jab, which also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, could free many type-2 diabetics from having to take insulin, reports the Daily Mail. 

While insulin causes weight gain, Victoza, also known as liraglutide, sheds pounds - bringing extra health benefits.

Rather than injecting insulin straight into the body, Victoza helps patients stabilise their blood sugar levels by stimulating the pancreas into releasing insulin. 

Draft guidance, which is likely to be rubber-stamped next month, recommends the jab when other key diabetes drugs fail. 

It is also deemed suitable for extremely overweight diabetics and those who have driving and other jobs that prevent them from taking insulin. 

In all cases, it should be taken in combination with other diabetes drugs and treatment should be continued only if the patient is benefiting.

David Haslam, a general practitioner who already has experience of prescribing the jab, said: "If someone is having other problems because they are obese and they can't afford to go on insulin because of their work, then it is absolutely appropriate they get this drug."


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