[AI] Free OCR on Windows based mobile phone

Kakarla Nageswaraiah nageswara1982 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 02:04:02 EDT 2010

This is what I came across in a mail to SayEverything about TopOCR:


While travelling we often stumble on a good newspaper or magazine article. 
If you find one such piece interesting and desire to take a copy of it, the 
best option these days is to take a snapshot of it with your mobile camera.

In this regard, the mobile phone camera acts as a scanner. Now, if you wish 
to convert this camera text image into normal editable text, the software 
TopOCR (http://www.topocr.com/) could come in handy. This free software lets 
you easily convert any text image into a normal text file - you just need to 
make it accessible to TopOCR. When you start TopOCR, it displays two windows 
side-by-side - one for the image file and other for the OCR text output. 
Once you are satisfied with the text output, TopOCR allows you to save it as 
a PDF or HTML file. In addition, using the program's text-to-speech feature 
one can convert the OCR text output to an MP3 audio file. Of course, this 
feature can be used to create audio from any text file - just load the text 
file into the TopOCR text window and press the TexToSpeech button.


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Subject: [AI] Free OCR on Windows based mobile phone
From: "harish" <harish at accessindia.org.in>
Date: 12/09/2010 10:47 am


Don't know about the accessability or the claims.
Please visit: http://www.topocr.com/)
Harish Kotian
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