[AI] Scribe rules for low vision people

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Hi Pranav sir,

Yes, that's an area I forgot to mention, especially after being a victim of
the same in past.

There should be enough lighting in the examination hall where a low vision
person is writing the exam.  Otherwise, he should be allowed to write it in
a place where there is enough lighting.

When I wrote my graduation exams, at which time I had enough vision to write
my exams, I used to ask the invisilator to allow me to write the exam near
the window, or even in the corridor, after checking me to ensure that I'm
not doing it with any other intention.

Also the present rules of scribe say that the additional time of 20 minutes
is given only when a scribe is writing the exam.  But, as someone said, it
should be given even when a low vision person is writing the exam on his
own.  I know there are some low vision people with minimum percentage of
disability who can read and write at a normal pace. So, there can be a cut
off of say 60% after which a low vision person should be allowed the
additional time.
I am stressing on the rules for low vision people mainly to avoid the usage
of scribe as far as possible.

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Hi Vamshi,
4.	Any disabled person should be allowed to write the exam with any of
his body parts and not necessarily with his hands.  
PL] I would agree with this since a person could use his mouth to write the
exam if he uses a sip and puff system on a computer.

In addition, what about lighting? What if the center has lighting in which a
low vision candidate cannot work effectively?


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