[AI] Scribe rules for low vision people

Mahesh Kumar mahesh.proff at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 11:53:51 EDT 2010

Dear Vamshi and Pranav,

               I completely agree with your views and suggestions for the
facilities to be provided for Low vision candidates. I would like to add
some more views:

1.  For low vision Candidates who feel that they can read the papers if some
facilities (like Providing the paper in Larger fonts and Providing
Sufficient Light Source, Allowing them to carry Magnifiers etc...) Then they
should be allowed. In such case,the difficulties in finding a scribe
vanishes. And it this is allowed,  the following Suggestion should also be

                In many of the competitive examinations held today (like
bank exams),are to be answered by OMR sheets where we have to answer by
bubbling the appropriate answer choice. In such cases, the answering method
has to be changed or the size of the bubbles must be increased so that a Low
Vision candidate can answer it easily.

2. Even if a Low vision candidate wishes to answer the paper on thier own,
resonalbe extra time should be provided for them because, their reading is
somewhat difficult when compared to the normal ones.

I feel that implementing these rules for Low vision candidates helps them to
write their exam on their own and not depending on others.


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