[AI] Urgent: Reliance Broadband plus help required

Pranav Lal pranav.lal at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 10:43:16 EDT 2010


Fear not, there is indeed a way around the in accessible interface of
reliance broadband. Carry out the following steps.
1. Ascertained the phone number you need to dial as well as your user name
and password. I am not sure how to do this independently. My employer has
given me a data card, so the system administrator in my company gave me the
requisite credentials. Usually, the phone number assigned to the data card
will be the user name and the password.

2. Insert the data card into the computer and let the computer add the
relevant hardware. broadband software.

3. Navigate to the network and dial-up connections applet. 

4. One of the connections should belong to your reliance broadband.

5. Use this connection to dial out.

If you get an error such as no  dial tone, the modem is busy or anything
else, it means that the hardware has not been properly installed. You need
to remove the data card after using the "safely eject hardware" option in
Windows and then reinsert the card and follow the above steps again.

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