[AI] Retain Faith in Your Moderator

Pradeep Gupta gupta.pradeep593 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 05:03:43 EDT 2010

Dear friends, I am sorry that even being a new member, the first thing
I am writing after my introduction is not sugar-quoted. Although I
have been deeply immpressed by Harish's positive attitude and his
grate capabilities as a moderator of this list, but what disturbs me
is when some of us try to insite or instigate him. If you don't like
some posting, or find it not in accordence with the list guideline, is
it necessary that you should keep on harping on it? why can you not
understand that that moderator has also gone through that particular
mail and he knows what to do about it? why are you always eager to
have some friend thrown out of this list over a petty issue? this is
the high rtime when all of us have to realize that this list is not
the private property of one particular member. Rather it is one big
family, where every family member is eaqually important. In every
family there is one head, and here that head is Mr. Harish Kotion. Now
it is just a matter of simple common sense that every family member
has to trust their head, and not try to guide or remind him about his
duty. It really sounds irritating when other members try to act on his
behalf. What do we want to prove? that we are more capable than the
moderator? if it is so, that person should go and start a new list of
his own. But for now, let us behave like honorable members of Access
India. Sorry for being state forward.

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