[AI] jaws skripts for dropbox

bhavesh bhavesh20patel at rediffmail.com
Fri Sep 10 15:52:23 EDT 2010

Hi friends, i am pesting some useful information for you.

i have found some jaws skripts for drop box, which tells you the current status of uploading files, how much has been uploaded, and how much is left.

please have a look at it, and enjoy if it is useful.


1. press insert+j to go to jaws submenue.

2. go to utility sub menue,>jaws skript manager.

3. press enter.

4. go to end of the skript by pressing ctrl+end, and hit enter. in the new line pest the skript information.pest the whole skripts (after opening the file, press ctrl+a to silect, and ctrl+c to copy it),skript which you will find in the file "jaws skripts for dropbox file" below.

5. once it is done, again go at the bottom of the file, and confirm, that it is been pested properly. the bottom line will be

;this is the end of the Dropbox code

6. press up arrow and move your cursor with in the skripts, and hit ctrl+d.

7. you will land up on skript information dialogue box.

8. press ctrl+a, and you will here some thing like "assign to hot key". press the desiered hot key, e.g. ctrl+b.

9. press tab, and pressspace bar on ok button.

the file is here:


please reply, if this information is helpful to you.

thank you.


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