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Dear friends,


I didn't write anything so far on this important topic as I couldn't come up
with anything better than or different from what our learned friends have
suggested.  Now I would like to add the following;


1.	Persons with low vision should be allowed, if not provided, to use
low vision aids like magnifiers etc. while writing the exams.


2.	Persons with low vision should be allowed to take a reader, instead
of a scribe, to read the question paper and should be allowed to write the
exam on their own.


3.	Persons with low vision, who use a scribe, should be allowed to do
some calculations with tools like sketch pens etc. on their own, instead of
depending exclusively on scribes.  There should not be any provision which
prohibits a low vision person from using his residual vision to his benefit
in the examinations.


4.	Any disabled person should be allowed to write the exam with any of
his body parts and not necessarily with his hands.  

Am I sounding ridiculous?  Then just go through the below link



[AI] he never felt disabled   


This is about a boy without hands, who learnt to write with legs.  But our
bureaucrats insisted on a scribe not allowing him to write with his legs.  I
know this is a stray case, but looking at the ridiculousness of the rules,
which doesn't allow a person to write an exam in a different way, which has
absolutely no harm, I think we must make sure that these things do not
repeat in future.


Usage of computers in exams


5.	I know it's not practical to conduct exams either on line or on a
computer.  But I think we must have a rule which says, the candidate should
be allowed to use a computer to write the exam, at his choice, wherever
there is a  possibility for the same.  Let's have a provision for this.
With the pace at which technology is making advancements, we don't know what
happens in the near future.  And these rules, once framed, would take some
time to be considered for revision.  So, let's not rule out an important


Note" the only problem with this rule is that, what if the exam center
doesn't have a computer at all?  Thoughts of learned friends awaited on


I will think of some more and shall revert.



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