[AI] exams.

Vgem Vadagam vgemvadagam at yahoo.co.in
Thu Sep 9 13:24:11 EDT 2010

     we be proud to use brl. as this the only unique script  in the world. 
acg. to their accent it can be read by any vc. no such script is available 
for sighted except devanagari. 
  for exams. braillers may be used. computers may be used. 
 Webel of kolkatta is supplying useful operators. many softwares are
coming up for vc. the brl. recognising softwares r also available for 
correction. and even our brl knowing sighted or sightless will evaluate 

the brl. answer papers. and even pictorial brl. question papers can also
supplied. subject to the commitment of the teachers either sighted or vc.
I strongly feel sightless must learn Braille like his mothertongue, 
then only we respect the great inventor of the script for vc.   

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