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Hi Bhavesh,

Thank you very much for the steps.  Though I know the first task, I
have never tried the second task.  Now it's clear.  But my doubt is
after the folder is shared, can both the parties share information, or
the person who has created the folder can only share the information
and the person with whom the folder has been shared can only be a mere
user of the information?

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>From darkness unto light

On 9/8/10, Bhavesh Dhanak <bhavesh.dhanak at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> Hi friends,
> Hope you all are rocking!
> As I wrote the steps to send files using drop box, for some of my friends,
> so sharing with you, thinking it would be of help to someone.
> So those of you who knows, sorry for this mail.
> In dropbox, we have 2 main options to share files:
> 1.
> Sending someone a file using " public folder. "
> 2.
> Sharing files with someone using " share folder option ".
> Now, 1st let's throw a light on Sending someone a file using public folder
> option:
> Note:
> Please remember, that using this option, you can send only 1 single file.
> For sending multiple files, you have to send it as a zipped file.
> Steps:
> If you go to my documents, you will find an icon " my drop box ".
> Open it and you will find public folder.
> Open this public folder and paste your desired file in this folder.
>  Now it will start uploading
> To check it's status of uploading, press insert+f11 to open the system tray
> icon and check with down arrow keys " dropbox", or just press letter D,
> and mister jaws would say something like, " dropbox 1 file uploading..."
> Once it is  uploaded, it would say, " dropbox all files up to date ".
> Once it's done, go to my dropbox/public folder, and keep the cursor on your
> file which you are uploading.
> Here, press the application key, and open dropbox sub menu, and then
> finally, hit enter on " copy public link " option.
> Now go to your desired place, or the Email which you are sending and just
> paste the link there, and you are ready to go!
> Now about " share folder "  option:
> 1st trying to throw a spot light on this option:
>  share folder option gives us freedom to share a folder between computers.
> So any file kept in this folder, will be available in both the computers.
> Aha! remembering the awsome movie, " 3 ediots ", toe demo kar kay bataana
> chaahta hoo.
> Imagine, we are sharing a folder named, " Krishna ".
> Now, go to your my dropbox, which will be in my documents by default, and
> create a folder, and name it as Krishna.
> Now copy your desired file which you want me to send, and paste it into
> Krishna folder.
> It can be any file, text or an audio such as a Krishna bhajan etc...
> now, once it finishes uploading, go to my dropbox, keep cursor on that
> Krishna folder, press application key on that folder,and with down/up arrow
> keys, keep cursor on dropbox sub menu and press right arrow to open it, or
> simply press D to reach there, and open it with right arrow.
> Now with up arrow key, hit enter on " share this folder... option ".
> Now the dropbox web page will be opened...
> Once it's been  loaded, look for " Enter recipient email addresses here ".
> Under this you will find an edit box saying, "Enter recipient email
> addresses here edit. "
> So enter the person's Email address to whom you want to share this folder
> with,
> in this edit box, so according to our example, bhavesh.dhanak at gmail.com
> After entering Email address, there  will be a heading stating sending a
> personal message to that person.
> So if you wish to write a note, you can write in that below given edit box.
> Now, you are ready to fly this krishna folder across 7 seas, all over to
> Dubai, so just hit enter in the below button saying, "   share folder button
> " .
> So now, I will get an Email, as well as you will get a confirmation mail.
> So I have to just click the link given in that mail, so the dropbox web page
> will be opened, and I have to accept it from the web page.
>  once i do this, automatically, it will start downloading in my laptop, and
> once downloading is finished, I will see " Krishna " folder in my dropbox,
> and inside it, the melodious  bhajan in your melodious  voice! (smiles)
> Aha! seems you are tired reading all this right?
> Okay not boring you more, and shutting down!
> Sorry if any errors.
>  Bye, God Bless, keep laughing!
> " If you don't get time to pray, try to make people laugh! "
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> With Smile and thanks from Bhavesh Dhanak.
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