[AI] My Interoduction: Nice to be a Member of ACCESS INDIA.

gunjan kumari gunjan.aicb at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 05:18:49 EDT 2010

Hi friends! I am Gunjan Kumari. I am an MA in English. I have
completed my MA in this year, i.e. in 2010. write now I am pursuing an
IT cource from AICB, Delhi.

I am really happy to become one of the members of Access India.I would
like to become a proffessor of English. You must be surprised to know
that after doing M.A. why I am going for area like I.T. My problem is
that for higher studies, I wanted the knowledge of computers. But,
unfortunately, the place from where I belong, does not provide any
course of computers. In this condition, I had no other option but to
join this course.

If you can give me any suggestion, I will be really grateful to you.

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