[AI] information about orkut, twitter facebook and blog.

neelima kumari neelima.aicb at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 11:28:14 EDT 2010

Hello friends,

I am Neelima.  I did graduation from Mumbai University, from Marathi
literature.  Now-a-days I am doing advance course of computer in Delhi
AICB.  I like Music.
I am playing harmonium and also trying to compose some songs.
recently I have joined to the access india.

I want to know, whether we can operate the facebook and twitter or
not.  If yes, then how can we open it and how can we operate it.
Should we take the help of sighted person?  Can't we do with out
taking  helpof them?

Actually, I have an account in orkut also but I don't know how to
operate or use it will you please help me?

I have created one blog in my class called " Samarpit.blogspot.com ? .
On this blog I want to write some articles about someone.  In my class
they taught me how to creat it. But I don't know how to mainten it.

I request you please help me by telling how to maintain it.

Thank you.

Looking for reply.

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