[AI] Hi, I Am Pradeep Gupta

Pradeep Gupta gupta.pradeep593 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 11:16:58 EDT 2010

Hello dear Access Indians, I am Pradeep Gupta, a new member to your
esteemed list. I have done my postgraduation in Hindi. Presently I do
freelance writing for various papers and magazines.
         For my eyesight problem, I suffer from retinal degeneration +
mecular distrophy. Would love to know about the latest research in
this field and also share my own limited knoledge and experience.
        about hobbies, I love playing the flute, Sitaar and keyboard.
My other hobbies include listening and collecting the recordings of
immortal Musicians and corresponding with sincere and selfless
friends. I believe in sincere and state forward friendship.
         I hope to learn a lot from the learned and experienced Access
Indian friends.
With best regards,
                   Pradeep Gupta. .

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