[AI] opening a PNB account

Fayaz Pasha charmingboy123 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 06:11:48 EDT 2010

Dear friends,

I intend to open a savings account with Punjab national bank hear in
Bangalore. I recall a few months ago 1 of our list members did manage to
open an account with PNB with all facilities and a circular was also issued
by PNB with regards to banking for the visually impaired.

Kindly request you to send me that circular and let me know the home work
before I approach any of the PNB branches hear to open the account for me.
You can send me the circular and instructions off the list to me on my
personal ID (fayazjpasha at gmail.com) Please also send me other associated
circulars and orders that you believe may help me.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Best regards,


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