[AI] Microsystem Acupuncture treatment

Vicky Singh ask.champs at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 05:50:03 EDT 2010

Dear List Members,

I had taken the said Microsystems Acupuncture treatment at Delhi in
2007. At that time the treatment fee was Rs. 30000/-. The said
treatment definitely indicated an improvement after 2 days of
treatment. Doctor over there makes you read a standard chart before
starting the treatment (Chart found with all ophthalmologists for
correcting the vision). The said test is recon ducted after 2 days
after starting the treatment. It was during this test that one feels
that things have improved a lot. But after 6 days of treatment (i.e.
on last day) I could not register any further improvement beyond 2nd
day results.

It seemed that the effect of treatment lasted for 3 – 4 months only. I
had enquired from my other fellow patients (whom I had met at clinic)
about the sustenance of regained vision from the said treatment.
However they also shared a similar experience. I had met some patients
who were undertaking the treatment for 2nd time.

The conclusion that I could draw from the above is that the treatment
may be effective for people in early stage but not for people in
advanced stage.



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