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About inflation

According to me, inflation can be stopped write now through given points are
as follows"
1. It can be stopped by increase the price of bad things [i.e. hard and soft
drink, cigarettes, tobacco etc.}
for instance, a soft drink which price is Rs. 10 but after increase the
price by Rs. 10 then it will be sold in Rs 20 and no buddy bear any losses
because  company earns same amount which earn before increase the price
[suppose, a cold rink sold in rs. 10 and 100 people drink it and company
earns rs. 1000 but after increasing the price, it sell in rest. 20 then 50
person observe it and company earn same amount rs. 1000}  and government
also get profit by imposing tax.
 Suppose, if govt. gets rs. 1[at the time of drink sold on rs.1o] by impose
the tax on cold rink and also govt. in beneficial when the price of drink
rs. 20 then govt. earn rs. 2 by taking tax
 By imposing the tax and also, public get benefit by doing this because that
person are not habitual of it then they dropped out[as bad things] due to
increase the price and their financial budget do not allowed them and also
lackness in disease because many people might sickness due to observe these
type of commodity.

2. By deducting the price of daily use things like as soap, sampu, washing
materials of clothes [i.e. nirma, surf etc]
Price can be decreased through stop the advertisement on papers and
television, not use of designs on packing [not use of expensive packing]
Take an example, a company which made soap and it sell in Rs. 10 but after
deducting the price of soap then it sells in Rs. 9. it may be possible after
removing the expenses on above things [advertisement etc] which mentioned in
2 points
By doing this, people who purchase the soap in Rs. 10 per soap and he
purchased 12 piece of soap , it means that he spents Rs. 120 on soap but
after decrease the price, he will be able to  save Rs. 1 per soap [when it
sell on Rs. 9 per soap], it means that he saves Rs. 12 on it [when he buy 12
piece of it ] and he can use of rest money [Rs.12] in other things [i.e. in
vegetables, fruits etc] which decrease the burden of expenditure

3. Give more efforts or encourage to tourist sum in India
for example, at the time of election of central government and at the same
time IPL matches is also in India but give first preference to election due
to providing security[ means, not abled to provide good or enough security
to players and all the function of IPL matches] which is very bad step
arised because if govt. give also importance to IPL then many people could
get the employment like as security guard appointed for security purpose,
waiters recruited in hotel for handling customers or providing goods
services, outside currency also come in India and many literate and
illiterate[ swipper, watchmen etc]  person get employed etc.
a very important points is that also increasement in amount balance of govt.
through tax paid by hotels, paid from many places  of rooming or restaurant
and earn by others taxes [ income tax, sales tax, custom tax and others tax
for example, if govt. eared Rs. 2 crore by tax [when IPL organized in India
] and total expenditure imposed on the election [ voting time ] Rs.1
crore[like as providing security at tive of voting etc. are expenses] then
rest amount Rs. 1 crore which is increased balance of govt.’s locker [ it
means that it is profit forgot.]

4. If makes some boundation on brokerage or middle person by govt. on
commodities [i.e. sugar, wheat etc] by doing this, we can reduce some burden
of inflation
for example, it was passed case that some brokerage stored more quantity of
sugar or brokerage sold to big corporate industry which dealed in it. By
doing this, demand will increase in the market than supply then
automatically price will increase.

5. If stop pension of govt.’s workers but except those worker who have no
alternative of earning [i.e. have no son [have nobody to take care], have
small son who are doing study
Take an example of one person, he gets Rs. 5000 of pension but when stop the
pension of that pension, so then, govt. can save Rs. 5000 and govt can use
it in other things like as deducting the tax on daily use commodity,
increase the salary of workers etc
And deducting the price of petrol by putting these money into it bcause it
is the main factor of inflation which influence the rate of commodity [ rate
increase of commodity by transportation, carriage etc]

If we apply these points in real or practically which can secure from a wide
paart of inflation but not fully because something’s is naturally like as
flood, earthquake etc which cannot be stopped these type of destruction
which also invite to inflation

Plz tell me that how is it
Pass the comments about it
and plz put [ask] more and more question on it which makes so strong to my

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