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Amit Bhatt misterbhatt at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 12:42:21 EDT 2010

Well I too would not deny the fact that there is no better option than 
writing the exams on our own using the Assistive Technology or Computer. But 
if we want to use it just because some of the candidates are taking the help 
from their Writers, then use of Computer also seems to be futile and 
helpless to stop the cheating in the examination since Computer will be very 
useful to correct the spelling mistakes specially for those who are not that 
good in English spellings while writing a subjective Paper.
I think currently the main theme of our on going discussion is "Criteria and 
eligibility of Scribe," not about the Candidate whether he or she is 
honestly answering the papers or not. so better if we do not deviate from 
the original topic and do not discuss about cheating and copying in the 
exam. Otherwise this will be a endless debate and our motive of preparing 
the correct guidelines on Scribe eligibility will not be fulfilled, however, 
the problem of cheating will be remained there unless the Invigilator is 
very active. I would again say that how can you stop the sighted applicants 
who copy in the exam? So what my purpose is to say that doing swindle during 
the examinations is not our problem but the problem lies on the part of 
Invigilator and related authority who conduct the examination.
As far as taking the Exams through Braille is concerned, the idea is good 
but then I would again say the time needs to be extended for writing the 
exams since practically writing Braille takes more energy as compare to use 
the pen and Braille cannot be faster than the print in writing in case of 
use of simple Braille-Slate. Yes, brailor can indeed be a very useful tool 
to overcome with the problem of speed but, now question is raised about how 
to arrange the Brailor, who would afford for those who cannot buy it and 
there are many such problems involved in the use of Brail script during the 
examination. So better if we continue with the use of Scribe.


Amit Bhatt 

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