[AI] examination and issue of scribe

Sandeep Gautam sandeepgautam.ntpc at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 03:30:03 EDT 2010

Dear list,
it is clear that issue of scribe in exams are highly important and sensitive (clearly evident from all mails).
  one thing I want to say that why we leave a loophole in the law by saying that provide computer wherever possible. why "wherever possible"
in one example, do govt. say that government employees should pay tax wherever possible. certainly not, it is obligatory to all such class.
I dont' say about private sectors. but our govt. has to folow the rule of law and equitibility for all citizens whether sighted or VI person. .

use of scribe in examination or computer or technology "wherever possible" smells compromise or adjustment on the part of VI candidates.  
If govt is giving job to VI person, it is not any extraordinary kindness they are doing. but they have to follow constitution and law.   
one of our friend pointing very rightly,computer should be the essential part of every VI child education right from very beginning.

Sandeep G

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