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Swasti Mathur swastimathur at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 12:11:50 EDT 2010

hello madam,
my views are as follows:
first of all to reduce dependability of vi candidates on scribes for 
appearing in exams, where ever possible use of assistive technology must 
be laid amphysis.
for eg., few management exams are now conducted on line. as these are 
computer based exams, it is very practical to make use of jaws or other 
screen readers. such exams also overcome the hinderence of bias by 
examiner towards Vi candidates either too libral or too harsh as pointed 
by one of our friend. these technological advancements must be accomodated.
secondly, There should not be any stringint rules to be complied with 
while arranging for a writer. in place of it, invigilator in charge 
should be very dedicated towards his/her duty because many times i came 
across people who take a very good writer and they themselves dont do 
anything other than sitting and in place the entire paper is solved by 
the scribe. such practises are dubious raising serious questions on the 
capability of entire vi community. people tends to develop a mallaicious 
tendency towards us. most of the time invigilators are not found on the 
duty or sitting there and engaging themselves in some other chores. they 
should be very alert and see that upto what extent scribe is assisting 
the candidate. is candidate herself is answering questions or they are 
ansered by writer? this practice also act as a partiality against other 
vi candidates.
writer should be always from the same field or must be assosiated with 
the subject concerning the examination for which a vi candidate is 
writer must be in no case be arranged by the body conducting exams. this 
must entirely lie in the domain of vi candidate appearing for exam.
questions of pictorial presentations must in every case be replaced by 
theoritical questions. in many examinations there is no such provision 
like in management exams. these exams have complex data to be interpreted.
as i am aiming at CAT, FMS, XAT, SNAP etc. inclusion of screen readers 
will be a very cozy step in this direction.
hope my opinions will add to this bettle against present dogmas.
swasti Mathur
Sandeep Gautam wrote:
> Dear all,
> the problem of a scribe is common to all VI people who are student or 
> appearing for one or other exam (either for job etc.)
> I know one person, who is a  graduate from very reputed college in 
> Delhi and speaks very fluent, impressive, correct and intelligent 
> English. but, when he is told to type a paper, he even don't know the 
> spelling of "that" and other so simple words. .
> this was because he studied from audio material and with the help of 
> readers and got high colours with the help of a intelligent scribe.
> This draws very bad image for VI person as it shows VI persons got 
> pass in high colours due to the efficiency of good scribe ( although 
> opposite cases are also there).
> I say, why we depend on good or bad writer?
> why we depend on his/her (writer) understanding or knowledge of 
> spellings?
> When we use JAWS or Talks to access machines or informations by our 
> own without any scribe, then, why we need a scribe to evaluate our 
> capability and academic knowledge?
> We should have a simple and single law to use a computer 
> (desktop/laptop) to appear any exam and, diagram and figure questions 
> should be replaced with equally weighted theory questions.
> one practical difficulty appears in my mind that how examiner will 
> respond to the computer typed answer sheets because it is clear from 
> the answer sheet that this is of a VI candidate ( he could be too 
> liberal or too rigid).
> bye
> Sandeep G
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