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Sandeep Gautam sandeepgautam.ntpc at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 08:10:50 EDT 2010

Dear all,
the problem of a scribe is common to all VI people who are student or 
appearing for one or other exam (either for job etc.)
I know one person, who is a  graduate from very reputed college in Delhi and 
speaks very fluent, impressive, correct and intelligent English. but, when 
he is told to type a paper, he even don't know the spelling of "that" and 
other so simple words. .
this was because he studied from audio material and with the help of readers 
and got high colours with the help of a intelligent scribe.
This draws very bad image for VI person as it shows VI persons got pass in 
high colours due to the efficiency of good scribe ( although opposite cases 
are also there).

I say, why we depend on good or bad writer?
why we depend on his/her (writer) understanding or knowledge of spellings?

When we use JAWS or Talks to access machines or informations by our own 
without any scribe, then, why we need a scribe to evaluate our capability 
and academic knowledge?

We should have a simple and single law to use a computer (desktop/laptop) to 
appear any exam and, diagram and figure questions should be replaced with 
equally weighted theory questions.

one practical difficulty appears in my mind that how examiner will respond 
to the computer typed answer sheets because it is clear from the answer 
sheet that this is of a VI candidate ( he could be too liberal or too 

Sandeep G 

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