[AI] Proposal for new series to exchange the informations regarding the facilities and benefits available in the various states.

gautam gtm.agrawal at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 07:34:19 EDT 2010

Dear Friends,


I would like to propose that we should start a series for exchange of update
and accurate informations concerning various facilities and benefits
available to us in our respective states.  


With the view to began a good initiative today I mention here the provisions
of job reservation for persons with disability in Karnataka.  I hope that
all of you will respond it through the relevant informations pertaining the
provisions of job reservation in your concerned states.   Provisions of job
reservation for persons with disability in Karnataka are as follows


1.	3% reservation in group A & B posts which is further divided 1% for
each  among  blind/low vision, hearing impaired and cebral polcy/ locomotor
2.	5% reservation in group C & D which is subdivided in different
categories as under


a.         Blind/Low vision                       2%

b.         Hearing impaired                      1%

c.         Cebral polcy/Locomotor           1%

d.         M.I/M.R/MD                           1%


3.	Reservation in all groups is horizontal
4.	The reservation is available in direct recruitment only not in
5.	The jobs in group A,B,C & D have been identified by the state
government as per sec.32 of the PWD act. 
6.	List of identified job of A & B was notified for the first time in
2005 and reviewed in 2009. List of identified jobs in group C & D was
notified for the first time in 2002 which has not been reviewed till today.

7.	 In term of notification containing persons with disability act
Karnataka rules amendment 2006, the job reservation to persons wit
disability has also been extended upto the government aided private



I request the list to feel free for seeking any further clarifications
regarding these provisions of Karnataka  and to put forward the informations
of all concerned states on the same matter.


With warm regards,


Gautam Agarwal


NFB, Karnataka


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