[AI] Discrimination against blind and other disables in admission of B.Ed courses.

gautam gtm.agrawal at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 06:11:52 EDT 2010

Dear Access Indian friends,

I take this opportunity to bring to your notice one more example of state
sponsored discrimination against PWD in implementation of theory  of equal
opportunities, protection of rights and full participation.  I also wish to
have  your comments and suggestions to initiate the appropriate action.   


Actually one month back, on the behalf of NFB, Karnataka I filed a RTI
application to all the B. Ed colleges of the state for seeking the correct
informations about status of reservation of seats for blind and other
disables in B. Ed courses.  In response to these  applications what I have
been informed according to that the persons with more than 75% disability
are not allowed to seek admission in B. Ed courses in Karnataka.   One of
the colleges has informed me that they don't give the admission to blind in
B. Ed courses because they  have no  facilities to teach them.   


Looking forward for you expertise comments and suggestions on the matter. 


With regards,


Gautam Agarwal 


National Federation of the Blind

Karnataka Branch



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