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l pavan l.pavan.get at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 00:49:25 EDT 2010

hello kanchan ma'm!
iam l. pavan hope you remember me i've contacted you on some banking problems.
with your suggestions   all of them have been solved.
now coming  to the point thank you so much for taking up this issue
because exams are those that chainges the lifes of many people
especially in case of a VI person.
 i would like to suggest the following points.
1. choice  of scribe must be left to the candidate taking the exam the
college must provide one only if he/she fails to bring there own
2. in case of diagrams it must be left to the students either to draw or not.
because in cources like b.tech, bca and mca etc one cannot explain the
answer without a figure.
3. qualification of scribe should not be a matter except a minimum
level strict inwislation must be employed because in cources mentioned
above   there are many symbols  which can only be understood by those
who have computer knowledge.
4.considerable extra time must be provided. this is being done in offline tests.
but in case of online tests it is not i my self faced this problem.
all the universitys/ colleges must be instructed to make necessary
chainges to solve this problem.
  these are the few points that i would like to put before you.
i request all of you to review those points and come up with more
questions and suggestions.
thanks and regards

l.pavan("help ever & hurt never")

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