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COIMBATORE: Finally, there is one place where all persons with
disabilities (PWDs) can turn to – if not for all their needs, at least
for most.

U and Disabled (UDIS) Forum, an NGO working for PWDs, has set up a
helpline offering a host of services. “It will be a one stop shop for
PWDs,” says M.N.G. Mani of UDIS.

By dialling 0422 2405551 or 0422 2648006 or 99445 56168 one can learn
about the schemes devised by Central and State governments for PWDs,
the schemes available for education or service organisation that wish
to assist PWDs, how to access disability-related facilities from
various sources, about assistive devices and their availability,
referral centres for education and rehabilitation, disability
components in public and private sector enterprises and employment
opportunities in industries.

They can also access information related to disabled people's
organisations and parents' groups, important national and
international developments on disability and database on disabled

Mr. Mani, who is also the Secretary General of the International
Council for Education of People With Visual Impairment, says that the
helpline is also open for those who want to assist PWDs.

“Say, an organisation might want to recruit such people and it might
be interested in knowing if any of the governments provide grant or
not. Even such information is available at the helpline.”

“The challenged people can access the helpline to gather information
about whom to contact for their needs, what documents to be submitted,
if they are availing of a scheme, and where to look for a job.”

He further says: “In effect the helpline aims at involving all
stakeholders, optimising their efforts and bridging the gap between
PWDs and others.”


Information will be available between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. at the
helpline. Assistance will also be available to those who visit the
UDIS Forum in person.

They can get forms for various schemes, aside from information.

As for the database on PWDs, he says the details will be gathered with
assistance from the District Disabled Welfare Office. And the UDIS
advisory committee for helpline will meet periodically and update

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