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I am currently in class X, and am aiming at IIT-JEE and other
engineering examinations. What I expect of the examining authorities

1. As already mentioned, a scribe who knows about Sciences/any other
subjects for that matter, so that he can explain the questions
properly to the candidate. Put it across in a different way, in
technical subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics which are
full of symbols and other pictorial stuff, the scribe should be such
who can easily explain the question properly to the candidate.
Invigilation can ensure that no malpractice/unfair means on the part
of the candidate is taking place.
2. As far as possible, visually impaired students should be exempted
from questions involving figure inputs. For instance, in my case,
subjects like Physics and Chemistry have complecated diagrams or
structures, that cannot be explained to the visually challenged
students that easily. Even if they are explained, the candidate have
absolutely no prior exposure to such questions, making it extremely
difficult for us to answer it. Therefore, reasonable accomodations in
terms of exemption from pictorial inputs to the extent possible should
be provided.
3. Suitable extra time should be provided. Although most of the
examinations have this rule in place, however many of the
professional/technical entrace examinations like IIT-JEE, AIEEE,
BITS-to name a few, do not have any such rules.
4. Use of technology in taking the examination should be promoted. For
instance, the question papers can be provided on the computers
(wherever possible), so that the visually challenged candidate can
easily and indipendently answer the questions.

I hope that you will consider these inputs seriously, so that the
talents and capabilities of all blind students are evaluated on an
equal basis with other students.


On 9/2/10, Pamnani <kanchanpamnani at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Most of you know that I have been working on the guidelines for examinations
> especially the issue of scribes for some time.
> All of us have realised the need for standard guidelines in the country.
> After the maharashtra guidelines were issued many of you approached me and
> have been approaching me regularly for All India guidelines.  Therefore it
> is time to act.
> I have based my work on the:
> 1. Guidelines in Maharashtra
> 2. Minutes of meeting held in2008
> 3. Judgement in Asif's case
> 4. University of Bombay's circular on psychology
>  I need to know from each of you as to what you want in the new Rules. What
> you want to safe guard against,What you want the Examination authority to
> take care of and what will be the visually challenged's responsibility.
> Anything that I should take into account especially for any particular exam.
> Please ask for the moon we just might get it of course be practical. Think
> of all the variations and combinations and complications that someone
> somewhere may face.  Thats why I am still on this group.
> I cannot take care of the idiot who denies the rules but I can ensure good
> rules on paper at least. So lets go for it. Please dont send me a list of
> what happened in the past I cant rectify it but I can see that it does not
> happen again. So requesting for some input.
> The new rules will apply to :
> 1. All recruiting exams
> 2. All college and school exams
> 3. All entrance exams
> 4. any other exam that I have forgotten
> Looking forward to your inputs
> Thanks
> Kanchan
> Kanchan Pamnani
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