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Well, don't have much idea about psychology, but one and half years
back I had prepared one presentation During my course in A I C B,
pasting it, hope would be of your some help.

Soft skill
Every human being is made of few qualities and abilities through he
live his life and earns livelihood and recognition in the society.
There are several degrees and diploma which a person can achieve by
indulging into study and continuity of doing hard work. Even a
businessman who is running his business needs some abilities to run it
successfully. These abilities are called Skill. And Skill can be
divided into two domains that is 1. Domain General Skill and 2. Domain
Specific skill.
General skill includes your time management, team work, articulation,
leadership self motivation and others. While specific skill would be
the technical knowledge something which is required for a specific
kind of job or work?
Since the world has become globalize and the opportunities are wide
open for everyone whosoever wants to achieve anything to it’s extend.
But acquiring such success you need some extraordinary quality which
makes a person different from others and that is the soft skill. Soft
skill is nothing but to an added feature or quality which provides you
an edge through you can make a mark on others. Soft skill is a
sociological term for a person’s emotional intelligence, which refers
to the cluster of personality trade. Your articulation, friendliness,
optimism, modesty, meticulation, social grace can set you apart from
Soft skill always compliments hard skill. It polishes your technical
knowledge to execute in a better manner. In this competitive world
every employer wants to have an employ with some added quality in
addition of their standard qualification through they can get more
business for the company. Specially in those companies which are
directly related with customers and dealing them frequently. These
companies provides special induction training to their employees that
how to enhance and how to use soft skills to earn more success for
themselves and company. Working with a team spirit and meticulously
can really bring prosperity for the company. Having such employees is
a real asset for any company.
Example: You all must be knowing about the famous painter Makbool Fida
Hussain. Last year he sold one of his collections of painting in Rs.
100 crore	.There are several painter and artist also working in same
profession but what is the extra ordinary quality he is having to earn
such a great amount for his paintings? The answer is his cultivation
of thoughts, innovative ideas of experimenting different and untouched
aspects of human life and nature. As we know about his fame and
profoundness across the globe, and he is able to use all of his soft
skills like, promoting his art on and across the world in an
impressive and dignified manner. Having a good relationship with world
art community and the most importantly his own wisdom and meticulation
which make him favorite for the byres.

There are several qualities which we can count as the soft skill and
here I am going to throw some lights on these five skills and these
are- 1. Communication Skill. 2. Interpersonal Skill. 3. Time
Management. 4. Networking and socializing. 5. Personal grooming and
1.	Can you please tell me which all things can be considered as the
communication skill?
Communication is the medium through we express our views and opinion
to others and simultaneously we come to know about the other’s view
and opinion. There are two types of communications- 1. Verbal
communication and 2. Written communication.
In verbal communication we converse with people face to face or a
through telephonic conversation. While in written communication we
express our views through letters or e-mail.
For becoming a good communicator we must understand few things like
having a good control on the language must be prioritize.  A hold on
certain language will always help you to communicate properly with
others. There are thousand of languages exists in this world, but the
one language which has become the International language and that is
English. So if you are having a good knowledge of English than
certainly it is fruitful for you.
While communicating with others our articulation of thoughts can
really help a listener to make him understand lucidly. Your modest
attitude can bring out your real inner charm and notion. Always keep
flexibility through you can mold yourself according to situation.
There are people who always start blowing their own drum pad and don’t
let other speak, we must avoid such habits because listening is also
an art and it is often seen that a good listener can be a good
speaker. While listening one can also increase his concentration
level. A sincere communicator must avoid using slang and fancy
language it can create a negative image in the mind of listeners.
It is always beneficial to prepare our self before giving any lecture
or presentation, while doing your homework you can correct your
mistakes and during presentation you will be more confident and clear
about your concept. In today’s working culture there is no place for
ambiguity in your concept and plan of action. Even wherever you need
to ask any assistance from your colleague or subordinates, don’t
hesitate and get the cooperation of them.

2. Inter personal skill: Today we can find several managements and
technical institution through one can get profound knowledge of a
particular field, and after getting such qualifications one can find a
suitable job. But this is not the end of your learning process, and
even it doesn’t provide you a leeway to feel your success as taken for
granted. now onwards the real challenge begins. You enter in an
environment where you will have to face a different culture and
individuals. In the beginning everyone comes ahead to cooperate and
guide you but at the end of the day we have to complete our entire
task on our own.
We all look for the people who are courteous and friendly and easy to
jell with others. Having a helpful colleague is really a blessing for
anyone, and developing such merits in yourself can be pleasing for
your surrounding. In every prospect of life we find our self in a
society and culture and one can not survive him alienating from
others. Whining about your surrounding will also create a negative
image of yourself. Avoid backbiting don’t criticize others
unnecessarily, but never allow others also to dominate you.
It is seen that many people perform their job as a silent performer
and keep a distance from others. But working in friendly environment
is really pleasing for every body. so, try to create a lively aura
crack some anic dotes and trust me in today’s tuff lifestyle and
working pressure every one likes the person having such sense of
This is a fact that you will be assigned several tasks and you will be
expected to complete it in a limited time with best output, so having
a good relationship and understanding with colleagues and subordinates
will truly make you feel comfortable to allocate the responsibility
among them. Here your Interpersonal skill can be tested if you are
having acrimonious relation with anyone among of them. Because
ultimately you can not afford to delay or neglect particular
assignment. So always maintain calm and polite attitude and work with
a positive spirit. Don’t react your anger spontaneously. It will
increase your tolerance level and will not allow building a bitter
situation. If you are able to using your temper instead of losing your
temper then you must rate yourself as a real professional.

2.	Time Management: Time is money, Time is asset. It sounds very
pleasing to ears, but managing your time according to your
requirements needs a strict punctuality in your life. We all are using
computers and very familiar with the name of Microsoft and it’s honor
Mr. Bill Gates.  Few years ago an article was published in a newspaper
and according to that if a note of 100 $ will sleep out from the hands
of Mr. Bill Gates then even he won’t be bothered to pick it up.
Because the time which will be consumed to pick that note is more
expensive than 100 $. In one second he earns more than this amount and
it will be a loss for him to spend few seconds for 100 $.
3.	It’s always helpful to plan your workday        and prioritize your
work according to their importance. Allocate certain duration for each
and every task going to be completed by you. Always try to facilitate
your work and save the time with the use of technology effectively.
Delegate assignment to your subordinates and team members according to
their responsibilities. Don’t hesitate to ask help or suggestion from
colleagues and seniors.
Every one likes to be recognized as a fast mover with their activeness
and initiating approach and in process we start multitasking which can
create an adverse situation and affect your efficiency and quality of
work. Hone yourself to reach such master level with gaining experience
and more knowledge.  Otherwise multitasking can create a situation
where you will falter and provide an opportunity for others to snigger
on you.

4. Networking and socializing: The competitive level of the
professional era has been increasing rapidly. Everyone wants to climb
on top as soon as possible and whosoever have a strong channel and
networking in market  and society is a Perquisite for him and he can
be heavily benefited and get more success than others. Building such
relationships is a gradual process and it needs lot of sincerity.
Suppose you join any private bank and you are allocated for handling
personal loan department and their you have to achieve a target of
distributing an amount of Rs. 1 crore as loan in one month, here if
you are having such network and accessibility to interact with people
then it must be helpful to make your task easier.
So let’s focus on those tips through we can build a good network and
an impressive social image. Whenever you meet to a new person
introduce yourself properly and ask intelligence questions related
with his profession and industry. Show your interest in him with
generosity Ask about himself and his liking and disliking but, don’t
try to be very personal in first meeting, otherwise these days people
are too smart to understand and differenciete between real and feck???
Let him speak and listen him attentively. You can exchange information
but it shouldn’t seem like you are forcing your opinion on others.
It is always helpful for you to have information about the expected
people you are going to face in a party or meeting or seminar. Try to
be updated on the issues and the latest information related with
society and industry you are working in. It’s often a good idea to
exchange business cards from the person you are interacting with. It
will help you both to remember one another.
Following your network is equally important as to create them, always
be in touch with your network, call them occasionally greet them and
ask about their happiness and prosperity. It is always a good feeling
to have such greetings on special occasions or festivals like Birth
day, Marriage anniversary Diwali, Dashera Etc. making such efforts can
really provide you a consideration as a well wisher of that particular
person or family. But always take care of that don’t call them
unnecessarily otherwise it can become irritating for anyone. Because
everyone’s life is full of stress and facing lot of problems and
adversary situation.
Now days we can find several clubs and networking groups and society
gathering where one can get ample of opportunity to interact with
people related with different fields and profession. Join these groups
take initiative to communicate with others. It will definitely assist
your cause. And even it can help you while searching a new job. These
contacts can at list forward your resume to proper and helpful
designated person of another company where from you can expect to get
an assistance and better opportunity.

5.	Personal grooming and etiquettes: An impressive personality is
always an attraction for everyone. We all compare our self to a
Scrupulous and charismatic personality which is an idol and wish to
cultivate such merits in our self. Evolving these merits is life long
process, no one borns with a learnt mannerism and etiquettes.  We all
learn it in family, society and educational environment. One can
perceive to extend their confidence, self belief and knowledge by
making constant effort.
Always maintain your grace in a positive spirit, be careful about your
dress up. It should neat and clean and properly ironed. Your behaviour
must be polite and humble with generosity. It radiates a positive and
attractive vibration to the others. Avoid using shabbily dresses it
can leave a negative image for you. Always think before speak, and
don’t talk irrational things. Believe in working more instead of
gossiping, let your performance speak. Prove yourself with your work
efficiency and punctuality. Be courteous and friendly with every one
without any bias and discrimination. Always respect others because
whatever you give to others you get similar return from them.
So friends implement on these tips and enjoy success and prosperity in
your life. My good wishes are always with you.
Thank you.

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