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hi your mother board manual specifies it as to what R.A.M it supports:

coming to differences read below:

In computing, a computer bus operating with double data rate transfers
data on both the rising and falling edges of the clock signal. This is
also known
as double pumped, dual-pumped, and double transition.
DDR2 stores memory in memory cells that are activated with the use of
a clock signal to synchronize their operation with an external data
bus. Like DDR
before it, DDR2 cells transfer data both on the rising and falling
edge of the clock (a technique called "dual pumping"). The key
difference between DDR
and DDR2 is that in DDR2 the bus is clocked at twice the speed of the
memory cells, so four words of data can be transferred per memory cell
DDR3 memory comes with a promise of a power consumption reduction of
30% compared to current commercial DDR2 modules due to DDR3's 1.5 V
supply voltage,
compared to DDR2's 1.8 V or DDR's 2.5 V. This supply voltage works
well with the 90 nm fabrication technology used for most DDR3 chips.
Some manufacturers
further propose to use "dual-gate" transistors to reduce leakage of current.
The main benefit of DDR3 comes from the higher bandwidth made possible
by DDR3's 8 bit deep prefetch buffer, whereas DDR2's is 4 bits, and
DDR's is 2 bits

also read the following link:


On 8/31/10, Surinder <suna1003 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> What is the difference between DDR, DDR1, DDR2 Ram?
> How to find out which RAM fits which mother board?
> I want to increase my RAM from 512 MB to 2 GB now and a bit confused about
> various types of Ram.
> Thanks,
> Surinder
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