[AI] any word to pdf converter needed please!

Rakesh Babu rakesh0208 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 21:23:50 EDT 2010

The way the pdf creator works is like an electronic printer. The
output is a pdf of the document instead of its paper form. All that
you need to do is
1. Open the word document.
2. Go to File menu and select Print
3. In the Print preview, look for where it asks you to choose the
printer name. Typically, you have to shift+tab a few times to get
4. In the printer list, find the pdf creater option.
5. Shift+tab a few times to find OK and hit Enter. This will open up
the pdf creater dialogue box.
6. Tab several times to find "Save" and hit Enter
7. The pdf version of the word doc should open in a few seconds

I hope this helps.

5. Make

On 8/31/10, govind reddy <sgreddy4 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Rakesh sir,
> Thanks for your prompt response.
> I've successfully downloaded the application and installed it on my pc's.
> Could you please explain me in detail how to convert a word document
> to pdf using PDF creator?
> Note: I don't want to print the converted PDF file. I just want to
> mail the documents as PDF  to some of my clients.
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