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Mohammed Asif iqbal asifmaiqbal at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 31 05:05:13 EDT 2010

Dear all, 

I am delighted to share the fact that I am taking a sabbatical from Pwc for
a year and work with UIDAI (Unique Identity Authority of India).  UIDAI
mandate is to issue unique number to every citizen in India.  This project
is led by Mr. nanden Nilakani, former CEO of Infosys.   

It was my good fortune to interact with director General of UIDAI Mr. RS
Sharma at infocom conference at Kolkata and he invited me to attend Civil
society organization meeting at New Delhi whose focus was to provide input
for policy formulation which would include people with disability for UID
project.  I strongly felt that UID can really prove to be a transformational
project and an excellent initiative taken by our government to weed out
corruption.  It also would lay down a strong foundation by which various
government agencies such as railways, etc. can be approached to offer
services to disabled citizens hassle free and make their lives easier.   


I approached our managing director Mr. Deepak Kappor for taking up this
initiative and he was kind enough to approve my sabbatical inspite the fact
that we do not have sabbatical policy.  I am truly grateful to Rachna Nath,
my former boss and my mentor,     for convincing the top management to
permit me to take up this project.   

My role would stress on designing processes by which enrollment of disabled
Indian citizens can be ensured.  My immediate priorities are to ensure
accessible UIDAI web sites, conduct workshop with key stakeholders
pertaining to disabled and gain their acceptance for this UIDAI project as
well as train the registrar on how to deal with disability while enrolling

Looking forward to receive your continuous support and guidance in the
future.  Requesting you all not to clutter the mailing list and I would love
to hear from you on my personal email asifmaiqbal at hotmail.com

Thanks and regards 






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