[AI] Nokia enters dual SIM handset market

Gopalakrishnan gopalakrishnan_vip at yahoo.co.in
Mon Aug 30 23:13:48 EDT 2010

Nokia enters dual SIM handset market 


NEW DELHI, August 30, 2010 


Special Correspondent

Targeting fast growing dual SIM handset market, Nokia on Monday launched two devices and announced plans to introduce more such models in various price ranges.


The entry-level C1 model is priced at Rs.1,999 and comes with flashlight and FM radio. It will have a ‘call divert' feature to ensure that users do not miss a call from either of the two SIMs. However, the handset can only be used for voice and SMS.


Similarly, C2 model, which will be available later this year, will allow users to access services such as Ovi Life Tools and Ovi Mail. It will also have a music player and support micro-SD cards of up to 32 GB capacity.


“As per our deep consumer insights, entry-level consumers need dual SIMs for various reasons. To address these consumer requirements, Nokia has launched these two devices that offer multiple SIM capabilities with a balanced feature set and ‘relevant innovations' at affordable price points,” Nokia Executive Vice-President (Mobile Phones) Mary McDowell told journalists here.




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