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Dear friends, I just came across some interesting and useful information regarding some aids and appliances that promise to be of greatt use to the V I. Although I have not personally used or even seen most of these, yet I feel that the information can be quite significant. Please share your views and experiences regarding all these. I am not very sure of their present prices. Here is the list:--



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New - Sparsh adds the famous manual Perkins Brailler in their product list. Now you can get all the products of Perkins through Sparsh.



1.       Plot 4 

This is an indoor game for two players. Blind and low vision persons can play it with sighted persons also. This game has 42 coins, 21 of one colour with hole and the remaining 21 of another colour without hole. The objective is to build a row of four coins horizontally, vertically or diagonally, while trying to prevent the opponent from doing the same. The strategic play of this game requires the players to think ahead.


2.       Cubical Puzzle 

It's a puzzle for young children. It has eight pieces of two different shapes. If all the pieces are joined together, they form a cube. The puzzle is very interesting for adults also.       


3.       Audible Flying Disc

The disc is made of foam of 8'' diameter, which is covered, with synthetic fibre. An electronic module is kept in-between the disc that produces beeps. It needs a pencil cell. An individual or group of blind & low vision children can play it. One player can throw disc to other player after catching or tracing the same.


4.       Audible Cricket Ball

It's a ball made of plastic having metal balls inside. The kids can trace it by the sound produced by it. Adult supervision is necessary during its play to take care that little kids are not hit by it.


5.       Braille Playing Cards (Paper/Plastic)

The playing cards are a great pass time for people of all ages. You can play any game you want and literally anywhere. These are available in two varieties; paper playing cards with a plastic coating, and pure plastic playing cards.



1.       Learn Time Clock

The clock is useful in teaching the blind children to see the time. A brightly coloured clock with synchronised moveable hands; as the minute hand turns, the hour hand turns just like a real clock; a fun way to learn, how to tell the time. 


2.       Quality Quiz

Quality Quiz can make any kind of quiz or exam come alive with just a few keystrokes. Not only will the program encourage and help students as they work through their quiz, but it will automatically mark every question as soon as the quiz is completed. No more spending hours in front of sheets of paper grading tests. Quality Quiz can do it for you! And because this program makes each quiz so easy to take, and adds so much visual and audio feedback, students might actually look forward to exam time.


3.       Talking Typing Teacher

It's an interactive program for Windows that teaches keyboarding skills. All directions, posture tips, drills and games are narrated entirely with pre-recorded human dialog and shows on-screen also. Thus, the student will not have to listen to hard-to-understand synthesized speech. Full support for large-print users, multiple student access, and the ability to create customized lessons makes TTT an invaluable teaching tool. Professional version for group teaching is also available.



1.       Inch Tape: 

It is a specially designed inch tape which has different marking at every inch, at every quarter and at every foot.


2.       Braille Alarm Clock (Quartz)

It is a quartz alarm clock, runs on one pencil cell (AA) and does not require winding. Lid of the clock is hinged with main body. The clock can be kept at the desired place with opened lid for the use of others. 



1.       Voice Recorder (35hrs, 128 main board data storage)

The digital voice recording device is a tape less digital voice & phone recorder which has a built in Microphone; a build in speaker (100 mw) with an option to attach external speaker and works on two AAA batteries (battery life 10-12 hours). The voice recorded files remain intact even when batteries are removed and it has the feature of automatic phone recording. It has an audio device interface to transfer recording to/ from computer/audio cassette. It has MP3 Player, FM Radio, and USB Port.


2.       TaDi (Talking Digital Organiser)

More than 900 phonebook contacts (in each book maximum six phone numbers can be recorded such as work, home, fax, mobile and email add.); More than 5 hours recording time; One touch search for phone numbers, names, and recordings. Standard talking keyboard; Talking phone dialler; Voice alarm diary (to remind at a particular date and time to attend a meeting or to complete any assignment specified by you); Vocal notepad (any important items that comes to mind can be recorded instantly); Talking date and clock; Talking calculator; Voice feedback for every action; Talking tutorials; Talking alarm-clock and timer; Password protection; Pocket size. Optional PC interface kit to synchronise data with Outlook, PC backup via USB; uses 3 AAA cell, facility of external power supply.                                                  


3.       VoiLa (Voiced Labeller) 

You can attach the label to any object, record a description in your own voice and every time the Voila is swiped over the label, it replays the description. Features: Handheld-no wires, no charger: uses 2 AA batteries; Low battery alert; User friendly: learn to use within 5 min; Sight-free operation with only three buttons; Record hundreds of descriptions of different objects in your own voice; Descriptions can be recorded over labels again and again (reusable); Possible to lock important descriptions so they can't be recorded over by mistake; Automatic turn-off in 3 seconds; Battery failure won't cause memory loss; Earphone jack for personal listening or mini-speaker.


Book Reader

4.         Cicero Text Reader

Cicero is software developed for blind and visually impaired individuals to offer access to read, edit and manage printed media by scanning it and converting it to digital information. This information is then read back to the user by the included software voice synthesizer or viewed through a customisable screen display.


Screen Reader

5.         Hal Screen Reader 

HAL for Windows is a screen reader for visually impaired computer users. When loaded onto a PC it provides audible component, the voice that users will listen to, via the multimedia speakers of the computer. It can turn a standard PC into a talking PC. Supernova performs the function of a reader and magnifier both.

Screen Magnifier

6.         Lunar/LunarPlus Enhanced Screen Magnifier

Lunar is a Screen Magnifier. It allows visually impaired Computer users to adjust the appearance of the PC screen, magnifying upto 32 times (including menus and icons). It is very easy to use. 20 high contrast colour schemes are available; 6 magnification modes are available: whole screen, split screen, window, lens, auto lens and hooked areas. Lunar Plus is available with speech. Supernova performs the function of a reader and magnifier both.


Screen Reader and Magnifier Combined

7.       Supernova Screen Reader and Magnifier

Supernova is the first ever software which has the combined facility of Screen Reading and Screen Magnification. Supernova Reader Magnifier is a software from Dolphin Computer Access Ltd. U.K. It has the additional facility of full magnification and other special features it has to offer are the colour changer, focus highlighting and support for networking and professional operating systems. The software is now available with the Eloquence voice too. And these are the facilities which are not available all together in any other software.


Scientific Calculation Software

8.       Audio Graphing Calculator

The AGC provides the functionality of handheld scientific calculators commonly used in the classroom. Operating on a flexible Windows platform and augmented with audio and tactile feedback, the AGC provides an alternative for a handheld calculator, or those seeking a more interactive interface.


9.       Notetakers

Note Takers are available in four versions, one where user uses Braille key board and other where user uses standard typing keyboard, similarly its output is also available in refreshable Braille display and in speech. Following models are available in Note takers:

Braille Lite M20                       Type lite                                Braille Lite M40            Braille 'n Speak 2000   


10.    Tutorials

To get proficiency in the use of software's tutorials in audio cassettes on the following topics are available:

XP for Word                           XP for excel


Softwares for Conversion, Creation and Editing of Digital Talking Books (Daisy) from Dolphin Computer Access Ltd., U.K.

11.    Easy Reader

The arrival of Digital talking books mean people with visual and print impairments can enjoy a multimedia learning environment. Through a combination of text, audio and images, learning can be immensely enriched. The software can be used by anyone with a visual or print impairment who need to navigate around complex learning material. Digital talking books can be enjoyed on a PC, without the need for a special hardware player. 


12.    Easy Producer

Easy Producer converts standard Word files into DAISY digital talking books (synchronised audio and text) that can be searched and navigated. Easy to use one-click operation instantly converts text into a DAISY DTB, no training required. 


13.    Easy Publisher

The premier tool for the creation of DAISY digital talking books (synchronised audio and text) that can be searched and navigated. The software can be used to create alternative formats. It allows the user to create a DAISY digital talking book in minutes. 


14.    Easy Converter

Easy Converter quickly creates Large Print, MP3, DAISY and Braille versions of learning materials that can either be scanned from paper, or input from Word, PDF, html or text files. It is designed for use in schools, colleges, universities, small or large companies and government organisations. EasyConverter is simple to use for those with no altformat creation experience, and is equally suited to experienced professionals looking for a single flexible high quality altformat creation tool to meet the needs of dyslexic, visually impaired and learning disabled students.



Braille Printers from Index Braille, Sweden

1.       4 Waves Pro 

4 Waves Pro is a high capacity embosser, especially made for large volume Braille production. It is a modern, high quality and cost effective Braille production system. The embosser uses 4 identical, exchangeable modules. Its embossing speed is 1000 pages per hour, and uses continuous computer stationery. 


2.       Index 4x4 Professional

The Index 4x4 Professional automatically produces Braille magazines, books, and newspapers, in a saddle stitch format. It makes small volumes and editions cost effective. After printing collect the pages, staple and fold EASY! Double sided (inter point) Braille printer for cut sheet paper, speed 380 PPH (A4); ink and Braille labelled front panel. Speech feed back; 100 Braille pages buffer; multi-copy facility.


3.       Everest

Everest is a double sided (inter point) Braille printer for cut sheet paper up to A3 size; speed 330 PPH; ink and Braille labelled front panel. Speech feed back; graphics capacity; 400 Braille pages buffer; multi-copy facility.

4.       Basic-D 

Double sided (inter point) Braille printer for continuous tractor fed paper, speed 380 PPH; ink and Braille labelled front panel. Speech feed back available in several languages, graphics capacity, 400 KB buffer, multi-copy facility.


Braille Printers from View Plus, U.S.A.

5.             Pro Braille Embosser

The ViewPlus Pro is your marathon Braille production machine able to handle large volume runs of Braille and tactile graphics, printing all sizes and types of paper/media. The quality of Braille and tactile graphics is unmatched. The Tiger® Software Suite is bundled with the ViewPlus Pro Braille Embosser. 

Braille Printer Specifications -

.        100 Braille Characters Per Second

.        Paper Size Width 4" to 17"

.        PC 486 or higher with Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP operating system


6.             Max Braille Embosser

A convenient desktop Braille printer that can handle larger paper sizes, the versatile Max Braille Embosser allows you to meet the challenge with ease. The Tiger® Software Suite is bundled with the ViewPlus Max Braille Embosser. 

Braille Printer Specifications -

.        60 Braille Characters Per Second

.        Paper Size Width 4" to 14"

.        PC 486 or higher with Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP operating system. (Braille software specifications published separately.)


7.             Cub Braille Embosser

The ViewPlus Cub is the ideal Braille printer for users who primarily use 8.5 x 11, A4 or smaller paper and still want to be able to quickly and quietly emboss Braille and high-resolution tactile graphics directly from their preferred Windows programs. The Tiger® Software Suite is bundled with the ViewPlus Cub Braille Embosser. 

Braille Printer Specifications

.      50 Braille Characters Per Second

.      Paper Size Width 4" to 9.5"

.      PC 486 or higher with Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP operating system. (Braille software specifications published separately.)


8.             Cub Jr. Braille Embosser

For those with a tight budget, the ViewPlus Cub Jr. Braille Printer is the most compact and affordable option, but still boasts all the benefits of being powered by Tiger. The Cub Jr is quiet and makes it easy to emboss high-resolution tactile graphics and Braille. The Tiger® Software Suite is bundled with the ViewPlus Cub Jr. Braille printer. 

Braille Printer Specifications

.        30 Braille Characters Per Second

.        Paper Size Width 4" to 9.5"

.        PC 486 or higher with Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP operating system. (Braille software specifications published separately.)


9.             Emprint Colour Ink and Braille Embosser

Emprint SpotDot is the world's only Braille and color ink embosser 

.        50 CPS! 

.        Easy-to-use operator panel with tactile buttons 

.        Choice of case colors - fire or ice (red or white) 

.        Uses the same paper and ink cartridges as an HP Inkjet printer 

SpotDotT technology means: 

.        Prints braille and ink on the same page (color ink with EmprintT) 

.        Software automatically formats Word and Excel documents for Braille 

.        Creates raised visual images on paper from anything on the computer screen 

.        Includes Tiger® Designer - tactile graphics design software for Windows® 

.        Employs Tiger® technology - the new standard in embossed tactile graphics

Printing Speed - Emboss only: 50 CPS; Ink and Emboss: 40 CPS

Embossed Braille Dots - Heavy, Normal, Light

Compatibility - Windows Vista, XP, 2000


Manual Braille Printing

10.    Perkins Brailler

The world famous Perkins Brailler, manufactured by Perkins Howe Press, is available in various models and colours. You can use them to emboss in any language; it is easy to carry and allows you to sit and work just anywhere you feel like. It can emboss 25 lines with 42 cells on a paper of size 11" x 11.5". It comes with a dust cover, manual and an eraser.


Stapler for Bookbinding

11.    Braille Stapler 

Standard stapler those are available in the market are neither heavy duty, nor long enough to handle the requirements of Braille bookbinding. Specially designed Braille Staplers are thus available for Braille magazine produced on 4X4 PRO with a paper length of up to 476 mm (19"). A visually impaired can easily handle this Stapler.


Acoustic Cabinets

12.    Acoustic Cabinet for Index 4x4 Professional, Everest & Basic Braille printer's

Acoustic cabinet reduce the noise level to what is reasonably acceptable in an office environment. Cooling is integrated with the fan on the embosser, which excludes any additional electric installation of the hood. It also serves to ensure stable paper handling.


Software that helps in Braille Production

13.    Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT)

DBT provides translation and formatting facilities; automate the process of conversion from regular print to Braille and vice versa. It also provides word-processing facilities for working directly in the Braille as well as the print. 


14.    Optical Braille Recognition (OBR)

OBR - Optical Braille Recognition is a Windows software that allows you to read single and double sided Braille documents with a standard A4 scanner. The retrieved information is presented in text that can be used in all types of Windows applications. The Braille information in a small letter or a complete Braille Book can be retrieved into computer form in the same easy way, even if you do not read Braille at all.


15.         Braille Translation Software for Indian Regional Languages

To produce Braille books for Indian languages we have to do data entry using six keys. To make your work fast and easy a Braille translator for Indian languages works wonders. It would be economical if you can get the data typed and proofread in regional language from any DTP operator in the market and just translate the file by a click and your whole file will be translated into Braille easily. The software for Braille Translation is available in many different regional languages.


Hardware & Software for Graphics and Mathematics

16.    TGD Pro (Tactile Graphics Designer)

TGD Pro is a two-program product, it includes QikTac and TraceME. It is available with or without a Tag/Pad but use of a Tag/Pad adds greatly to the functionality of the program. For instance it is possible to trace any diagram directly from the pad into the QikTac or TraceMe. Scanned images can also be used as a basis for a Braille print or flexi-paper image.


17.    Scientific Notebook

It lets you create attractive documents combining text, graphics and mathematics in natural mathematical notation. It makes learning, teaching and sharing mathematics easier than you ever imagined.


18.    Sparsh Forming Machine (Thermoforming Machine)

Thermoforming Machine is good for duplication work of Braille and raised figure material on Braillon (PVC) sheets. The Thermoforming Machine is indigenously developed. The Machine is available in standard size of 11x11.5" (28 x 29.2 cms). 


19.    Braillon Sheets

Plastic sheets used by the thermoforming machine for duplication of Braille and graphics. It is available in 2 qualities, grade A and B.


20.    Braille Paper

(a) Cut sheets 26 X 30 cm. 

       White                             140 GSM 

       Brown                110 & 140 GSM

(b) Continues Computer stationary, in the size of 28 X 30 cm. are available in Brown 130 GSM.



 Paper punching and spiral binding machines are also made available on demand.




Equipments from Enhanced Vision, U.S.A.

1.      Merlin

It's an easy to use desktop video magnifier. It helps a low vision  person to read, write or view photographs and pictures. It offers magnification from 4x to 72x original size. It is also computer compatible and comes with an optional voice activation system. Merlin plus incorporates connectivity to a computer and VGA monitor, TV monitor, or an external video camera. The latest is the Merlin LCD which features an integrated 17" monitor that allows the user to pivot and adjust the screen to fit their most comfortable viewing position.


2.      Flipper 

It is ideal for reading, writing and viewing for both near and far distance. It magnifies up to 50x original size. With an optional desktop it can be converted into a fully functional desktop. The camera has the capability of 225 degree rotation, can be connected to TV and also an optional feature is that of lightweight electronic glasses. 


3.      Jordy

Jordy is worn like a pair of glasses to see near, far and anything in-between. It gives you an active lifestyle, enabling you to read, write and see in an environment including work, home and school. It has magnification range up to 50x and a built in system to increase brightness or contrast. Along with this also comes an optional desktop stand or a soft case for carrying Jordy.


4.      Acrobat

Acrobat - the most flexible 3 in 1 camera. This flexible system lets you read books and mails, and put on makeup in the morning. The 3 in 1 camera has the feature of self-viewing, distance viewing and near viewing. It has an automatic memory, the facility of being battery operated and magnifies up to 72x.


5.      Max 

Max is a portable, lightweight and hand-held digital magnifier. It is ideal for reading and viewing near objects with the help of a TV or a monitor. It has the ability to read newspaper and medicine bottles too. The magnification power is 28x original size. The options available are the electronic glasses or a LCD panel for full colour viewing. Different viewing modes are also available and it can easily be connected to a TV.


6.      Amigo

The Amigo, your Desktop Magnifier, is simple to use - just place it directly on the material and adjust the magnification by a turn of the dial. This innovative product allows you to adjust the magnification without moving the Amigo away from the reading material. The 6.5" large viewing screen reads prices tags, restaurant menus, ingredients and directions no matter where you are. This new high powered video magnifier has the power to magnify 3.5 to 14x (adjustable digital magnification); can also be connected to TV.


7.      Nemo

The pocket-sized Nemo is a lightweight device. Look-up phone numbers in seconds and perform everyday household tasks with ease. Incorporating a 4" viewing screen with digital magnification - this ultra portable device can go anywhere. 4.5 to 9x adjustable digital magnification.


Equipments from Ash Technologies, Ireland

8.      Prisma 

Prisma is a full colour video magnifier with a stylish, adjustable camera stand and integral table that allows a tremendous range of magnification in a convenient size. The simple controls allow you to view in full colour or enhanced reading modes. Magnification is achieved by raising or lowering the camera and re-focussing with the large focus control located on the top. Prisma uses a standard TV for its display, so you can take it just anywhere. The clearance under the camera allows you to write easily and even perform hand tasks such as needlework or carving. (With the help of a VGA converter it can also be connected to computer screen; to be procured separately)


9.      TVi Colour

TVi Colour is a simple hand held electronic magnifier that can be used with your television to enhance and magnify whatever you want to read. Its ergonomic design and easy to use optical zoom provides access to a broad range of difficult to read items. If everyday task such as reading information on a medicine bottle, cooking instruction or reading bills prove difficult for you, then TVi is the solution.


10.    Liberty Solo/Scholar

The Liberty Solo is a portable magnifier ideal for students of all ages! Its 12 inch TFT integrated screen magnifies text and images by up to 30 times! Because the Liberty Solo can be used either from the mains or with a battery, you have the flexibility of taking it from one classroom to another. The tiltable display and lightweight mouse camera ensures you are in a comfortable reading position. The Liberty Solo product range has extended to include the Liberty Scholar. Liberty Scholar comes equipped with a distance camera and makes it easier to see the blackboard. The distance camera can work in conjunction with the mouse camera and also on its own.


11.    QuicklookZoom

The highly versatile Quicklook Zoom portable print magnifier is your ideal companion when on the move. It fits neatly into a jacket pocket or handbag so you can take it with you wherever you go. Its range of magnification caters to a multitude of low vision users. With the longest battery run time on the market this light, ergonomically designed ultra-portable magnifier is a unique and flexible low vision solution. Quicklook is a hand-held, full colour, electronic magnifier with an integrated 4.3" LCD display.


12.    Andromeda

The Andromeda is the world's first portable TFT reading device that combines a large reading table with a screen that is comparable in size to a 17" conventional monitor. The unit collapses to a compact 45x42x18.5 cm (17.7 x 16.5 x 7.3 "). Full colour, auto-focus, high contrast reading modes, line markers, semi-colours, external computer video display and PAL/NTSC video inputs are standard.


13.    Eclipse/Eclipse Plus/Eclipse Scholar

Eclipse reader is a compact 15 inch CCTV reader that is simple to set up and use. Full colour and continuous auto focus with semi-colours and overview modes are some of its features. Eclipse Plus includes a travel / storage case along with the CCTV reader. Whereas the Eclipse Scholar includes a distance camera along with the CCTV reader and the travel / storage case.


14.    Fusion

Fusion can smoothly roll over the text and magnify. Comfortable reading is achieved with the tiltable display. Its unique scroll zoom camera is easily removable so you can view inaccessible text or handwriting.


15.    Distance Camera

The distance camera is designed to magnify distant images. It is specifically tailored as an option for the Andromeda and Liberty Solo product range from Ash. Ideally suited to the educational environment where assistance is needed in viewing boards and distant presentations in the classroom.


16.    Opti

Opti is a mouse magnifier with USB 2.0 connectivity, giving the ability to magnify text and images on the computer screen. It connects to laptop or desktop computer and is ideal for reading all types of documents. Opti Lite is the Prisma magnifier with USB 2.0 connectivity, giving the ability to magnify text and images on the computer screen. While Opti Verso gives a combination of distance and close-up viewing with USB 2.0 connectivity, giving the ability to magnify text and images on the computer screen. The base of the unit sits under the keyboard of your laptop, the camera flips up to look at presentations and flip back for close up reading and writing.



1.       TALKS Mobile Software

This software enables a visually impaired mobile user to operate the mobile very effectively. It gives the audio output to the operations and makes it convenient to work with. There no requirement of any additional hardware. Also, a demo of the software for a month is available free of cost. 


Products available on demand -

Besides the goods listed in our firm's product catalogue, the following items can also be made available in large quantity. 

1.             Chess

2.             Draught

3.             Scrabble

4.             Uno card game

5.             Braillet Board

6.             Needle Threader

7.             Stylus

8.             Pen Type Stylus

9.             Metallic Safety Stylus 

10.         Aluminium Signature Guide

11.         Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

12.         Folding Canes



1          Packing forwarding & freight are extra.

2.         Prices and specifications are subject to change without any notice.

3.         Shipping charges, customs duties, customs clearance fee and other charges if any are to be born by the buyer.                           


Warm Regards,

          sincerely yours, Yogesh

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