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Pl find answers below the questions.

1. From where, and how to start

Think of the most important aspect or point of the subject you want to
write about. That is the beginning. Make sure then that you cover
every important aspect of the subject which must be both informative
and interesting. Newspapers, and ,even more, magazines have strict
criteria on the language, the precision and the level of interest
(topicality) of the article submitted for publication by an external
writer. So be very precise, clear and straight (using present tense)
in your articles so that it is clear to the reader. Think of yourself
as a reader and see if you would like reading the piece. If that
doesn't sound correct to you think of where it can be corrected. You
need at least five to ten drafts of the article to get it right (that
is for the experienced writers). It is not just about language (a
common perception amongst peoploe). No doubt that language has to be
good, but accuracy of information, its usefulness and the way it is
presented are equaly important. Work on all these aspects before
posting the piece off to a newspaper/magazine. Pl convince yourself
that it's worth it. If not work on it until you feel so.

once one has finished writing that article, how to approach the news

Find out the telephone numbers of your local newspapers and speak to
the features editor or anyone handling the topic you are trying to
write abut. If you are not clear, speak to the person concerned and
see if he/she can read your article and would like to consider it. The
problem is, this exercise may take time. Think things from their point
of view... If they want to publish a new writer's article and that
turns out to be flawed (not that you write badly, but they don't know
you), the persons accepting your article is answerable to the
editorial board. So there are factors involved in acceptance or
rejection of your article. Do not lose heart. I heard the story of
"Regret" Iyer who used to write for newspapers who got his nicname
since hundreds of articles he wrote to the papers used to return to
him with "regret" letters (many newspapers have the culture of
returning a writer's article with a letter regretting their inability
to publish their article and wishing them good luck). Once your
article comes with the by-line, you would find the necessary courage
to continue writing. Persistance is key.

Is that such, that we can give an article in only 1 news paper or
magazine, or we can give that same article in many of the news papers?

How can you give the same article to different publications? If your
extraordinary luck is such that both the newspapers like the piece and
decide to run it on the same day? Probably your career as a writer
will see the last day. So once you submit a piece to a newspaper or
magazine (I am not talking much about magazines since it needs a
different style of writing) wait until you hear from them. Once you
are sure that your article is rejected, then you approach other
publications. The "regret" letter would be a good enough indication.

On 8/28/10, Bijal Patel <bijalpatel123 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi friends,
> Hope all is going well at your end.
> I have some questions about how to publish an article in any of the news
> papers/magazines, if one has written it, and wishes to publish...
>    My questions:
> 1.
> From where, and how to start, once one has finished to  writing that
> article, and how to approach the news papers/magazines?
> 2.
> Is that such, that we can give an article in only 1 news paper or magazine,
> or we can give that same article in many of the news papers?
> Awaiting your valuable replies.
> With regards,
> Bijal
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