[AI] about firewalls

Pranav Lal pranav.lal at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 21:31:28 EDT 2010

Hello Sudhakar,

1. A firewall will not solve the problem of a hacked account.

2. Windows XP's native firewall is sufficient for most users.

3. A few measures that could prevent hacked accounts are as follows.
(1) Change the yahoo mail password regularly.
(2) Keep a complex password. A complex password has the following features.
A. It consists of numbers, alphabits and special characters such as
B. The characters are mixed case.
C. The password is at least 10 characters or longer.
D. There are no dictionary words in the password.
(3) For keeping your laptop secure, do regular work from a restricted
account that is, an account that does not have administrative privilages.
(4) Keep all software on the laptop fully patched.
(5) Ensure that the software you install is from authentic sources and is
(6) In yahoo, if it is possible, set your preferences such that your
credentials and the subsequent pages are sent over a connection using SSL.


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