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Dear List members,

I have received the enclosed promotional email. May be it can be of
use for some of us. I have not tried it as I am not a law



From: Indian LawLibrary [mailto:shilparts at campind.in]
Sent: Sunday, August 22, 2010 10:38 PM
Subject: Entire Indian Law Library on your Pen Drive



  JAIPUR-3020019, RAJASTHAN Ph- 0141-235910

Dear Sir,

LAW LIBRARY CD , published by us, is a  very useful  legal tool for
the active advocates, law students and company executives. This CD
contains more than 26 thousand judgments delivered during the last
fifty years (1950-2010) by Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and a
library of 330 essential Central Acts. Search for specific words and a
list of matching decisions will appear which can be saved and printed.
The Headnotes are available for the period 1950-1993.

The Software is quite user friendly. Even people not well versed with
computers can use it effortlessly. Just insert the CD and click
install. After installation, an icon will appear on your desktop for
further use.

The special feature of this software is that you can also install it
in your Pendrive and Law library software will run on any computer
from the Pendrive only. You need to first install on your computer and
then copy the entire files of programme folder Lawlibrary to your
Pendrive. In other words, it is completely portable.This way you can
keep entire Law Library in your pendrive and use it on any computer.

Monthly and quarterly updates of Supreme Court Judgements and new Acts
 will be provided to willing customers  on annual payment.

Like to have it? You need to send a Demand Draft or Money Order for
Rs.2,000 /-(Including delivery charges), favouring Gaytri Sharma
payable at Jaipur. Please give us your detailed address as Name, Full
Address, PIN, Telephone No., Mobile No.  and your email address
(Kindly double check these!).


Deposit Cash, Local Cheque or Online Transfer to my State Bank of
Bikaner and Jaipur Account and email the deposit details, along with
complete postal address. We shall deliver the CD by Courier on the
same day.

Cheque Payable to:  GAYTRI SHARMA

Account No.  51084535869      IFS code  SBBJ0010443

Branch:  State  Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur,  Prithviraj Road , Jaipur 302005

If you doubt the effectiveness of this tool, we are ready to send a
demo of this DVD to you for only Rs 100(delivery charges) which will
be adjusted towards full payment of Rs 2000|-when you decide to
purchase full software. You may  deposit this amount in Bank as per
procedure given above or send a DD/ Cheque as above. Please reply with
your details including name address, vocation, Telephone No., Mobile
No. and email address.

 We assure you that this CD will be the best investment for anyone
dealing with Law.

Any query is welcome at Ph. 0141 -2359101 or
shilparts at gmail.com<mailto:shilparts at gmail.com>.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

Gaytri Sharma

Email: shilparts at gmail.com<mailto:shilparts at gmail.com>


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