[AI] download youtube videos

wahid raza wahid970 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 06:44:58 EDT 2010

hi there is no need any kind of software just follow some simple steps
1. log in to http://www.youtube.com search the video which you want to
download when the page is open of your video 2. press insert +f1 you
will shown a u,r,l press down arrow key jaws will read the address of
the currant page is is called u,r,l just copy that u,r,l 3, log in
another web side http://www.keepvid.com there is a u,r,l edit box
pasted that u,r,l on the edit box note before you click on the
download button erase that words which are also copy the address of
the curront page isjust erase this words and u,r,l which start from
http that is your u,r,l now click on the download button or press
enter key then the download page open is open 4, select which file
format video you want click on the download link or press enter
download dialogbox is come select where you want to download safe the
video like desktop or other place the video is download note the
download it depends on you internet speed how much time will take the
download complete in just few minits 5, enjoyed youtube video with
best wishes from Wahid Raza . e-mail: wahid970 at gmail.com

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