[AI] Book for competitive exam!

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Dear Saravanan,

Here is the link for the RTF version of the file.


And for information sake, this is a book, A modern Approach to Verbal and
Non-verbal Reasoning" by RS Agarwal.

Didn't check the accuracy of the book.  I have it in PDF version.  So, can
anyone guide us whether Abby fine reader would be a better option to convert
PDF books instead of Kurzweil?

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Subjecct: Book for competitive exam!
Hello friends,
I  urgently need your help.  I downnloaded the  following book "book for 
competitive exam", but it is in  KES format.  I havven't installed 
Kurzeweill  in my system; because of this I am unable to  open this book.  I

request some of our friends, please download this & save it  in "doc, txt 
or rtf" format.  I have to give  this book  to my friend, who is preparing 
for various banking exams.
So please  do the needful.

You've got a file called book for competetive exams.kes, (17 MB) waiting to 
be downloaded at sendspace.com (It was sent by grameshbanu at gmail.com).
You can use the following link to retrieve your file:
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questions, please visit the sendspace FAQ at http://www.sendspace.com.
Thank you,
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