[AI] problem while using gprs in nokia N73 mobile.

Yusuf Vohra dr.yusuf84 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 02:03:21 EDT 2010

Hellow list members.
I am facing problem while using gprs in my Nokia N73 mobile.
Generally, we go to web menue for using gprs or we press 0 key.
When ever I do this and after typing the address of the sight which I
want to wisit, the page of the sight opens, but talks doesn’t speak
the headings and links of the sight.
When I surf the sight by pressing the down arrow keys, talks speaks 4
to 5 links together.
And also it speaks many lines together. I am using talks 5.1.
1 of my friend told me the short keys of talks while surfing the gprs.
Like key 4 for heading, key 5 for links key 0 for go top of the page
But it doesn’t work here.
So, how can I solve this problem? Do I need to do any setting of web
or any setting of talks?
Any help would be grately appreciated.
Waiting for soon reply.
With warm regards,

Yusuf vohra
bazar road chhotaudepur
district vadodra
pin: 391165
mo: +919879409087
e-mail id:
dr.yusuf84 at gmail.com
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