sonny singh sssonnypal09 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 06:19:38 EDT 2010

I am using n70 mobile. In December last year i purchased a memorycard
1 GB in size. My mobile is also shows its size 1 GB. But when I store
the data more than 150 MB, or some time 140 MB mobile shows no
memorycard. but in the foldertools\FileManager\memorycard data is
available. But this data is malfunctions. On 1 song it plays lines of
many songs stored on it. I find some song's pitch is very low or some
song are playing in fast rate. I have restored the phone 2 time and
updated it as well. I have also formatted the memory card with mobile
and computer via card reader. but got no solution. If any friend can
tell me what and where is the problem. The data less than above
mentioned size performing properly.
sunny singh mobile +919596648470

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