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Hi friends:

As you already know that SBI has launched its first talking ATM
machine at LHO Delhi.

Today I got the opportunity to test the special ATM machine setup at LHO Delhi.

Being a staff I went to test the machine along with team of alternate
channels. While moving towards special ATM machine I had several
questions in my mind.

How does this machine looks like? Will this machine work? Will special
ATM machine successfully work with talking software? How will special
ATM card work with machine? Will normal card work on that machine?

Finally we reached to machine and time came to test the machine.

I started getting answers of my all questions.

Machine was working very fine. And speech output was very clear, and
every thing was going in our favour. We were very happy with the
performance of this machine.

Physical description of machine

Special ATM machine looks like the any other normal ATM machine. But
it has extra features like Braille embossing on every buttens. Other
good feature is they written with the help of Braille about every
important part of machine like from where cash comes they written cash
dispenser, where we insurt ATM card they written dip card reader etc.

Now come with functionality of ATM machine

The New special ATM is working with normal ATM cards as well. But
voice does not come while using normal ATM card. Once you will insert
special ATM card it will automatically start speaking. The name of
special card is (dristi).

Immediately after inserting card it will ask you to select your
desired language. Here please note "when ATM will ask you to perform
any function or to choose any desired option it will speak like this

"Please presss first buttten from top right to choose English and
press second butten from top right to select hindi" like this it help
throughout the transection.

With my personal experience I can say that it is a very useful machine
for VI community.

Also today I found the answer of very important puzzle, that is will
normal ATM card work on special machine? will special ATM card work on
other normal machines?

According to my personal experience normal ATM card was working on
Special machine. And Special ATM card was also working with normal

In the end I would say it was a great experience with ATM machine.

I asked the team of experts to provide head phones for transections
and to make it more secured, and function to turnoff the screen while
transaction is being made.

There reaction was very positive and they promised to do the same.

They told me that after the successful trial of this talking ATM they
want to start some more talking ATM machine in different parts of

They requested me to suggest the suitable place in delhi.

Therefore friends please tell me the suitable places of these machine
according to the number of VIS residing in particular area.

This step of State bank of india is really appreciable and remarkable.
I hope State bank will work in this direction to provide greater
accessibility to visually impaired people.


"Disabilities create barriers, but determination breaks them".

(Shubham Gupta)

State bank of India

New Delhi

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