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Rohiet A. Patil patil_rohit at dataone.in
Sun Aug 15 10:10:00 EDT 2010

Subject: tips on internet


As we all know that use of internet is being increasing in our country.
Do you know! How many websites are in this world, total 23770 increasing at
rate of 1000 sites per second. This record contain sites that have taken
permition from the UN.

Do you know! Your password can be seen by the hackers if you use
normal keyboard
to type your password of email id. Its very easy for a hacker to see your
password if you are using a normal keyboard to type your password. Use
keyboard to type your password. How to open a virtual keyboard, click on
menu than click on programs than click on accessories than click on virtual
keyboard. A blue color keyboard will appear on the screan. Use this keyboard
type your password. [use this keyboard to open your bank account on the
internet, book holiday tickets, doing shopping, recharging your phone, &

Never download free songs, movies & games from internet. For example you
download a song from www.songspk.com. As you are downloading the song the
viruses that are on that server are downloaded with the songs. This
also destroy
your computer & also take your important data from the computer.

Never click on links that say download free wallpapers, songs movies & etc.
you click on these links your important data goes to hacker. Do you know how
this happen. When you click on these links a site open & you slect a
wallpaper &
that wallpaper can also contain viruses that comes into your system & damage

When you give your computers, mobile phones, cameras to a shopkeeper for
repairing please take out your all data from it. If you do not take out your
data from it the shopkeeper can take your data & use it. How to take out
data from the mobile phone. Put a memory card in the phone & slect
your data cut
it from their & paste it in the memory card.

Never make unknown friends on social websites like facebook, orcut, twitter
etc. as the person can see your profile & use it. For example the person you
make friend is a mutterer if he sees that you are of this age, live here &
is this. He can come to your house & kill you.

Never upload your pictures on websites. For example you upload a
picture of your
room & your room contain a 72 inch plasma tv. & that also come into the
photograph if that pictureis seen by a theave or a robber he will
think that you
are very rich & he will surch you on that site & get your information & he
come to your house & do a robbery into your house.

Never use a duplicate windows or a antivirous. As they are not as much
safe that
they can safe you from siber attack.

Before opening a website please check them from website that are under the
siber crime. For example www.siteadviser.com. How to check a website from
websites. Open one of these websites & type the name of the website
that you are
going to open. After that click, if a red color button appears on the screan
please don't open it. As it can contain viruses.

After seeing your mails on the email id. Please delete them. If you do not
delete them the hacker can easily hack your account.

Have you heard that, "I went to my holidays but my internet bill was
over 10000"
Do you know why this happen. As you went to the holidays your n was on.
came at the front of your house & sat in his car & was using internet at
cash. If you are having a broadband connection always keep your modem off
you are not using internet .

When you install a broadband connection in your pc always change the
of the modem as every modem has this facility.{contact a internet expert
this }

When you are using you're A T M card always see that nobody is standing
you . if someone standing behind you, he can see the password . [ this is
as shoulder surfing].

When you give your credit card to some one please stand with him. See that
does not make a duplicate card of it. It takes only 10 seconds for making a
duplicate card.

Never play free online games on social sites like facebook. For example you
started Farmwill on facebook & you clicked on farmwill. Than it ask you that
allow or don't allow. At the bottom of the page it is written that "I allow
all data to be seen by every one." We click allow. That mean that your data
be seen by any one.

For example A beautiful photo of nature came to you. You forword it to 15
people. There is a software with hackers that can take the all email ids
you send to your friend. Than next day a mail came that "I am in London & I
have lost my all cash & ATM card. Can you transfer 1000 $ into my account. I
will return you when I will come to their." We all will think let us help
We will send him the money but when we will know that he was a hacker. So we
should not click on these adds.

Always signout after you have checked your mails. As they can be easily

Do you know! For making a mobile phone thousands of people are killed.
As phones
contain a mineral known as Blacktoon. This mineral is found in Congo
[Africa] so
many companies try to take it. As workers of one company are taking out the
mineral. The second company can come & attack them.Do you know that how much
money is given to workers, only 100 rupees as per the Indian currency . From
that mineral a another mineral is separated known as tandom. The cost
of 10 gram
tandom is 55000 rupees .


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